Petron Avengers Tumblers Unboxed

Petron Avengers: Assembled!

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Last week, I got Thor and Hulk tumblers from Petron. Yesterday, thanks to my awesome girlfriend, I got Captain America and Iron Man. My Petron Avengers tumbler collection is now complete!

Petron Avengers Tumblers

If you want to get these Petron Avengers tumblers too, you’ll have to shell out at least Php1,000 for gas at any Petron gas station, plus Php60 for each tumbler. Don’t worry, they’re worth it. The figures on top of every tumbler is surprisingly detailed. Also, they can perform pretty neat actions!

Here are some blurry photos of my assembled Petron Avengers (Sorry for the photo quality. I’ve had my camera since 2006 and I still have no idea how to take decent photos with it.):

Petron Avengers Tumblers - Hulk

Tap a lever behind his back and Hulk does a smashing gesture.

Petron Avengers Tumblers - Thor

Pull Thor’s right hand upwards, push the button on his back, and BAM! Mjolnir in your face.

Petron Avengers Tumblers - Iron Man

Iron Man’s chest thingy actually lights up!

Petron Avengers Tumblers - Captain America

Captain America’s shield… uh… spins.

I’m not actually impressed with the Iron Man figure because among the four of them, he’s the only one who looks kind of cheap. But still, for a Php60 (that’s around $1.42) promotional item, it’s alright. The cups don’t feel as hard and as sturdy as I was expecting, and their center of gravity lies in the figures — when they’re empty of course. Also, the lids are so easy to remove that one slight pinch on the cups will send those lids — and the figures on top of them — flying to the ground (or out the window of your car if you’re dumb enough to use them while driving). So yes, they are quite awkward to handle, so I’m leaving them in their pretty boxes for display. I’m not drinking soda out of any of them anytime soon. They look awesome, though.

And now, a couple more crappy photos:

Petron Avengers Tumblers Unboxed

Petron Avengers Assembled