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Perfect Timing, Castle Geek Pull List Service!

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Comics HaulA few years ago, I maintained a pull list with two comic shops. Every week, I went to whichever shop was more convenient for me at the time and spent about 1,000 PHP on average. That’s about 25 USD a week. I decided it was too expensive for me — and by that I mean I needed more beer money — so I dropped everything. I had a dozen ongoing series in my list at the time, and at one point, I was following more than 20. I dropped them all.

I picked up some mini-series and a few story arcs of ongoing series since then, but I never really got into the whole weekly pull list thing again. Until a few weeks ago.

I figured I can maintain a new pull list if I can keep it under control. I aim to keep my list short with 10 items at the most. So far, I have 6:

  1. Astro City
  2. Batman/Superman
  3. Hawkeye
  4. Superman Unchained
  5. Wolverine and the X-Men
  6. X-Men

Note that 4 of these are brand new titles. With Wolverine and the X-Men, I started with #31, the start of the Hellfire Saga story arc. With Hawkeye, I’m starting with the Pizza Dog issue — I’d probably dive into back issue bins for issues #1-10. I don’t like jumping in during the middle of a story so that’s why I put a lot of thought into building this new pull list. Also, I’m still thinking if I should add All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Young Avengers to the list or if I should just wait for their collected editions. I guess I’m now a pull list strategist?

As for the comic shop I’ve chosen as my new pull list host, I went with the Malugay branch of Castle Geek for a couple of reasons: it’s really near where I live in Makati and there’s less people there compared to the comic shops I used to frequent. My plan was to just go to the shop with a list every week — which I don’t mind because I like making lists, but still, it’s kind of inconvenient — because Castle Geek doesn’t have a proper pull list service in place. But as luck would have it, they are about to launch one.

For the entire month of July, Castle Geek will let customers sign up for their new pull list service that includes perks such as discounts, exclusive access to the Reservations Vault, and freebies. Signing up only requires a list of at least 10 monthly titles. Check out the full mechanics:

Castle Geek Pull List Service Mechanics

I’m 4 titles short of the required 10-title minimum, but I’m pretty sure I can complete my list before I sign up next week. I just hope I can keep it at around 10 titles per month because when my alcoholism comes back, I might have to divert all my funds to beer again.

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  1. I really want to start collecting monthlies again (hunting down a download link and reading it on an iPad is very, very, annoying), so having a comic book store in the vicinity is great.

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