Of Manil Twitter Accounts of Manila

The Best and Worst of “Of Manila” Twitter Accounts

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It all started with a few chuckles and some legitimate laugh-out-loud moments as @TitasOfManila began running roughshod over Twitter. Then it spawned a bunch of copycat accounts which, like most things on the Internet, quickly turned into a nitro-powered bandwagon of legitimately hilarious and undeniably unfunny — not to mention offensive — Of Manila Twitter accounts. And like most bandwagons, it is destined to be a hot mess of a train wreck. Jansen Musico of The Philippine Star calls it an “epidemic“. I call it “beautiful”.

Of Manil Twitter Accounts of Manila

Surprising absolutely NO ONE, some of these Twitter accounts have offended overly sensitive people. If there’s one thing I love seeing on the Internet, it’s an online mob getting angry over something that is as significant to their lives as Kris Aquino’s vacation pictures. I absolutely love what is going on here with all these Of Manila accounts sprouting in a scary pace and people complaining about them non-stop. It is beautiful in an Internet-y kind of way.

There are a few Of Manila accounts that are absolute gems  you would definitely want to follow, but there are also those that are so bad you would want to follow them too — including the offensive ones. The boring ones in between make things so horrible that Of Manila accounts earned the status of Official Philippine Internet Epidemic, but the best and the worst of them make it all worth it.

Here are the best and worst Of Manila (and spiritual Of Manila) Twitter accounts out there with some choice tweets.


@YayasOfManila – It can make you snicker sometimes but when you do, you’d realize you’re being a jerk too.

@ManilaConyos – Sure, it’s funny most of the time — until you realize whoever’s behind the account does the “conyo” voice too well, so you hate them too.

@DelayedIsko – Yes, it’s funny. But it’s in the Worst list because it hits too close to home.

@KuyasOfManila – Some of its best tweets are retweets. Also, a lot of guys on Twitter are “kuyas”, so it’s not as funny as when we’re making fun of people not on Twitter.


@IntrovertsOfMNL – …..

@NotFromManila – I can see  great comedic potential here but somehow, the execution is not consistent so the concept fumbles. Or maybe I’m wrong because with more than 4,000 followers, this account is probably doing something right.

@ManilaSkwaters – Nope.




@DriversOfManila – Sure, it can be offensive sometimes, but it’s legitimately funny because drivers of Manila are actually funny whether they like it or not. Also, plus points for using Gerry Alanguilan’s photo as the account’s profile pic.

@DogsOfMNL – Probably the dumbest, the funniest, and the most endearing one out there. It’s my favorite.


@OfManila – Not really funny but they say what most of us are thinking. Which is mostly “EVERYBODY ELSE SUCKS!”

@IpisofMNL – The concept of Misunderstood Cockroach/Spider/Shark has been around for a while but it is always funny. So using it to poke fun at this bandwagon and be legitimately entertaining at the same time is worthy of a Best.


@ClientsOfManila – Reminding those of us who deal with different clients everyday that we can just make fun of those bastards instead of straight up murdering them.

@TitosOfDubai – Just… just follow it.

I’m pretty sure I missed some really good and a lot of ridiculously bad Of Manila accounts out there, but honestly, I don’t have the energy and the fortitude to go through all of them. Maybe I’ll update this list whenever I discover an account worthy of being Best or Worst. Or maybe I’ll stay away from Twitter until this all blows over.


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