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New Pops Roundup – Roller Derby Harley, The Crystal Ship, and More

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We can all agree that the next best thing to getting new Funko Pop! figures is getting news that new ones are coming out and this week, we had a lot of those. If you missed out on any of these newly announced Pops, both officially and not, let’s run them down and collectively drool.

Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

Funko Pop! Dancing Groot I Am Groot, Harley Quinn Roller Derby, and FBI Agent Sam


1. Dancing Groot (“I Am Groot”) – This baby Groot first actually popped up last week when it was listed on Popcultcha but to everyone’s dismay, it suddenly disappeared. It’s back on the site now, though. But if you’re a Hot Topic guy or gal, you will have to wait a while before you get your exclusive version. And in this instance, “exclusive” looks like it just means it’s going to have a Hot Topic Exclusive sticker. If you’re wondering, the difference between this “I Am Groot” version and the first Dancing Groot is the color of the pot and an inscription of the only thing the little guy can say.

2. Harley Quinn (Roller Derby) – Based on Amanda Conner’s New 52 design, this version of our favorite lunatic (second favorite if you’re a Deadpool fan) will be released by Hot Topic as a pre-release exclusive. But again, we’ve already seen this Pop in Popcultcha last week, and like the blue pot Dancing Groot, it quickly disappeared. But hey, it looks like it’s back in stock again so I guess the Popcultcha one is a pre-pre-release?

3. Supernatural FBI Agent Sam – It’s Moose Winchester in a suit!

YO! It’s the Crystal Ship!

Funko Pop! The Crystal Ship


That RV from Breaking Bad, complete with dust and bullet holes, is now a Pop! vinyl vehicle. It comes with a new Jesse Pinkman Pop! wearing his green hoodie. We can all finally recreate all the desert shenanigans from the show. I’m so excited to get my hand on this, bitch! ETA is February.

All The Feels

Funko Pop! Inside Out


MTV News exclusively broke the news of the new line of Funko Pop! vinyl figures based on emotion-based characters from the upcoming Pixar movie Inside Out. The movie hits theaters in June while the Pop! figures of Anger, Disgust, Joy, Fear, and the cutest cutie pie ever Sadness will drop in May.

I Am Extra Mossy

Funko Pop! Groot Extra Mossy


It’s Groot! But extra mossy. Because we can’t just get enough of Groot, dancing baby or not, we’re getting another one exclusively from Popcultcha. It kind of looks like the Loot Crate exclusive Groot but it doesn’t glow in the dark. But hey, it’s extra mossy! This adorable Monarch of Planet X will dance his way into our hands in February.


There’s no official announcement yet for these vinyl figures but word is going around that we may soon be looking at new Pops from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant-Man. This means pretty soon, our shelves will be lined with cute versions of Greyworm, Oberyn, the Unsullied, Hoth Han Solo, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Ant-Man who I hope will come with a mini-mini-mini version of himself.

If you think I missed the announcement of a new Pop or an entire line, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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