New Home

New Home

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UPDATE (11/03/2017): This was when I got the domain While I’ve already discarded most of my early posts, I’m keeping this one — no matter how cringe-worthy it is — for posterity. I’m sorry.

new home

After pulling my hair out with WordPress’ export and import features (there might have been some issues with the export feature and my previous host, but I don’t give a shit anymore), I decided to get my hands dirty and move my blog to a new host by interfacing directly with the database. It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to make the move without losing data. I rule!

So from this moment on, ladies and freaks, is where it’s at. Not entirely sure what “it” is, but it’s here, ‘yo. So for you lovely souls linking to my old URL, I beg you to update your links with my new URL. I’ll owe you a cookie. And as for the new visitors of this attention whore blog, ‘sup?



  1. [quote comment="529"]Ei congratulations! :D

    Ain't it better to have your own domain? Hehe :D[/quote]
    So true. I feel all powerful and stuff. Anyway, thanks!

    [quote comment="531"]Yay for new domains![/quote]

  2. LIAR! You don't have any hair to pull out in the first place. So I would assume this whole is one big lie of a website.

  3. Oh Steel, Steel, Steeeel. I wasn't talking about the hair on top of my head.

  4. [quote comment="535"]Yuuuckeewww!!! Chest hairs![/quote]
    Wrong again, boyo! LOLZ

  5. Oh I'm sorry, Mr. Contestant. Wrong again, but you won't go home empty handed! You'll be taking home a lock of my mysterious hair! Yay! Thanks for joining and I'll see you again next time here on Guess Where the Hair Came From! Good night!

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