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Thanks to the typhoon, the delivery of new comics was delayed. No biggie though since it was just delayed for a day. Besides, nothing beats reading comics in bed while it’s pouring down hard outside, right? But enough of the weather, let’s get on with the reviews!

Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar #2: This isn’t the best Annihilation: Conquest book, but dammit it’s still a good read. It’s a little distracting for me though whenever Moondragon and Quasar get all mushy and romantic. I can’t help but think of lesbian porn. That’s how I roll.

What really brings the face rockery here is the awesome Super-Adaptoid. Come on, fight this guy and it’s like you’re fighting the classic Avengers. He’s got this cold aura that makes him more sinister and stuff. The book will most probably be boring without him.

Also, Moondragon turns into an evil black dragon. Awesometasticular.

The Brave & the Bold #6: The first arc of the most fun DC title has concluded and it’s a great opening salvo for Mark Waid and George Perez. There’s only a few comics I buy that gives me feeling of utter satisfaction after I read them, and this one is somewhere at the top of that short list. I’d keep this on my pull list as long as Waid and Perez stay on the book.

Just when you thought it’s all up to Batman, Green Lantern, Adam Strange, and Supergirl to save the universe, they are joined by the most unexpected (well, at least for me) cavalry ever: the Challengers of the Unknown! It’s one whole clusterfuck of comic book goodness and I fucking love it.

Captain America #29: You’d think that a title would lose it’s charm when the title character is not present (he’s actually dead), but Ed Brubaker makes sure that the supporting cast takes the ball and runs like hell with it.

You got Sin and Crossbones giving Tony Stark a huge headache, Black Widow trying to follow the trail of Winter Bucky, the Falcon beating up A.I.M. goons while he’s on fire, Agent 13 getting reminded about the real killer of Captain America, and Winter Soldier catching up with the Red Skull without even realizing it.

There’s no doubt Brubaker deserves that Eisner award for Best Writer. No. Freakin’. Doubt.

The Flash #231: I was expecting that I’d hate Daniel Acuña‘s art, but I don’t. And I don’t love it either. I guess I need to get used to it since I love how Waid’s new run is starting out.

I kinda like the whole “The Incredibles” vibe to it. The kids’ powers actually make sense, and I dig it. It would be cool if Linda would get some sort of power in the future so they could actually kick bad-guy ass as a family, but as it stands, they’re already a cool family with Linda being the “mad scientist” wearing a funny hat.

This makes me want to catch up on back issues since I only started to get into the Flash after reading All-Flash #1. Yes, my peeps. You’re currently reading a blog by a blossoming Flash fan. High five?

Spider-Man Family #4: I have 3 reasons why I picked this up. First, I want to get into Spider-Man. I love the movies and all his animated incarnations. I love his witty banter. I even picked up some issues of his different monthly books, but I wasn’t sucked in. I want to read more of Spidey because, as iconic as Superman is, I think Spidey’s the best superhero of them all.

Second reason is I’m a huge fan of Jeff Parker and the Agents of Atlas. One of my rules in life is whenever Parker writes the Agents, I pick it up. It’s a rock-solid philosophy.

Last reason: for $5.99, you get a heart-warming Puppet Master story by Chris Eliopoulos, an awesome team-up between Spidey and the Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk, a reprint of the All Ages book Mary Jane #1 by Sean McKeever, a reprint of the face-rocking Amazing Spider-Man #178 by Len Wein (the dude who created Wolverine), and a story featuring Spider-Man J (the manga version of Spidey). That’s 104 pages of comics awesomeness. You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 #2: With a book that features a guy with a giant head as the main character, humor is a given. And surprisingly, not all of the humor is from MODOK. These C-list super-villains are actually fun to read, all thanks to awesome writer Fred Van Lente.

Since they’re all villains, it’s also a given that there will be backstabbings and betrayals. While we were led to believe that Mentallo would be the first to succumb to treachery, he’s actually the victim of the first act of betrayal. The Chameleon shows his true colors (hyuk! hyuk!) and sells out to A.I.M. which leads to a more exciting read.

As for the art, it’s just gorgeous. Francis Portela will definitely be one of the big dogs if he keeps up this awesome work.

Terror, Inc. #1: I told myself I would hold off on getting new monthly books and mini-series until I get tired of the other titles on my pull list, but after reading the preview of this baby, I just had to get it.

With all the violence and the gore, it’s understandable why this is under the Marvel MAX banner. I love the fact that it is. I mean, come on. This won’t be fun if you can’t have Terror (who’s basically a walking corpse) twist off a dude’s head, twist off his own rotting head, and attach the newly dead dude’s head onto his neck. That’s 700 kinds of awesome!

Other than twisting people’s heads off their neck, Mr. Terror’s other hobbies include pillaging, raping, and burning villages. I think we’ve found a major contender for the title of “Awesomest Fucking Dude Ever!” here, people!

Face-Rocking Panel of the Week: It’s such an awesome week of comics for me that I’m having a hard time to pick my favorite panel. There’s the head-twisting in “Terror, Inc.”, the vagina-looking monsters in “The Flash”, and the Chameleon displaying his spider-sense in “S-V T-U: MODOK’s 11”. But nothing got me to say “WTF?!” more than this panel from The Brave & the Bold #6:

giant purple gun

With no superpowers, how do you defeat a giant robot of doom armed with advanced alien weaponry? With a giant flying purple gun, of course!

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