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This week, I got my comics as they were being unpacked fresh from being delivered. Sweeet. Unfortunately, my LCS is still out of WWH: X-Men #2 so that’s a bummer. But this is not the time to be bummed out because guess what, it’s time for comic reviews! And this week, I’m introducing a new feature in New Comics YAY!: the Face-Rocking Panel of the Week! A shout-out is in order for RJ for the assist on scans. And now, for the reviews:

Annihilation: Conquest – Wraith #2: All the speculation that Wraith is really ROM the Spaceknight can now be put to rest. He’s not ROM. He’s one badass new character and he’s got one kickass origin story that’s depressing and face-rocking at the same time. He was basically turned into one of the Nameless, a race of the undead… in space.

It’s fun to see the Super-Skrull again, and he’s making promises you know he’ll follow through: “…and the only thought that warms the cold void of this living death is that I will be free again. And on that day, there will be a reckoning.” Box of sunshine that Super-Skrull is.

Anyway, you just know that this Wraith dude is hardcore if Ronan the Accuser beats him to death and all he does is smile about it. Awesome. One gripe I have about this issue though is that Wraith didn’t get to use his awesome weapon thingamajig. Boo.

Green Lantern #22: Know what? This issue, Hal Jordan reminds me of Jack Bauer. He moves from one sticky situation to another and he’s always like “Bring it on, douchebags!” Hells yeahs!

I don’t know what it is about Boodikka’s name, but I just like saying it. It just sounds so intense. And hot. And speaking of hot, Lyssa Drak is the sexiest evil blue keeper of the Book of Parallax ever.

But seriously, I’m enjoying the hell out of this book right now. I’m even thinking of getting “Green Lantern Corps” because the Sinestro Corps War is shaping up to be an awesome read. With hot evil blue girls.

The Incredible Hulk #109: The first time I saw the cover, which was about a couple of months ago, I thought it’s sorta funny seeing these characters together. And I didn’t even know who the ninja belly dancer was until I read this issue. But after reading it, I’ve reached the conclusion that I want to see more of these characters together as a group. Really.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying all the smashery of the Hulk and his posse of alien uglies (except the somewhat hot red girl), but here, he gets really scary. Now it’s sinking in: the heroes really are screwed. The sight of the heroes chained in a dungeon-like area and the Hulk standing over Amadeus Cho like he’s going to bash Cho’s brains in with his awesome mace, it just makes me think if I’m rooting for the r… ah screw it. Smash ’em all, Hulk!

Nova #5: Although this issue deals with blue aliens, techno-organic life forms, space knights, superheroes, and teleport chains, it does present one real world truth: it’s hard to concentrate on work if you have a hot chick running around wearing a super tight body suit that leaves little to the imagination. Do I hear an “amen”?

It seems that the stars of the first Annihilation event are being turned into antagonists by way of Phalanx assimilation, and it’s up to the n00bs like the female Nova, the new Quasar, and Wraith to save the day. I love it.

And I don’t want to sound like a perv, but Gamora is not only the deadliest woman in the universe, but she’s also the sexiest woman to deliver kicks to the face. Plus, she’s green. Which leads me to the conclusion that you have to be blue or green to be really, really hot.

Punisher War Journal #10: The epic story of the Punisher vs. Nazis ends here. Let’s all take a moment and mourn the passing of this awesome tale.

Okay done. The fact that Frank Castle’s sidekick has a mean streak that basically caused the downfall of the Nazis and Frank killed said sidekick’s girlfriend while he was under the influence of H-Rays (don’t ask) is an indication of future tension between the two psychopaths. I can’t freakin’ wait.

Also, if Frank Castle says he’s going to shoot someone in the face, he’s going to shoot someone in the face. Man doesn’t make empty promises.

Supergirl #20: I read the first issue of this series and I swore it off after that because, believe it or not, I didn’t dig that the blatant show of flesh was the main hook of the book. But here I am, reading the 20th issue. Why? Two reasons:

I wanted to get a glimpse of Amazons Attack. It seems I need to get the main Amazons Attack book to get the whole picture, but I’m really not interested so, yeah. No.

The second and main reason is the new creative team. Renato Guedes did a fantastic job in penciling and coloring the book. Supergirl actually doesn’t look like a teenage ho with an eating disorder. In some panels, she actually looks like a normal fat blonde chick. On the writing side, I wanted to check out Tony Bedard‘s writing skillz since he’ll be taking over “Birds of Prey”, which I’m currently thinking of dropping. But with what I’ve seen here, I think he’ll do a fine job with the Birds. Writing a scared and frustrated girl punching a giant cyclops sealed the deal.

X-Factor #22: The boys did it again. Artist Pablo Raimondi delivers another face-melting issue that’s full of emotions even when characters are just having small talks. My favorite panel would have to be Monet subtly giving Solo and Clay the finger. She’s so adorable.

Writer Peter David brings the entertainment factor up a notch. He’s turned Monet and Siryn into an awesome odd couple, and he’s given them a badass-looking duo of antagonists to… um… antagonize them. It’s a tag team match worthy of Madison Square Garden. Ding! Ding! Ding!

David is also making Wolfsbane more interesting. And horny. Can’t say nay to that. He’s just turning every character into rich tapestries of humor, emotion, and total kickassery. It’s always a delight reading this book. They should do it weekly. That’ll be awesome.

As for the Endangered Species backup, we get a trip down memory lane with Age of Apocalypse flashbacks. We also get hints that Nate Grey may have something to do with saving the mutant race. Or not. Whatever.

Now, for the very first Face-Rocking Panel of the Week (which is technically a panel from last week since I got its source comic one week late but whatever), I give you a panel from Supergirl #20:

amazon goes splatt

An Amazon and her noble winged horse meet the giant hammer of a giant cyclops: SPLATT!

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