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I just realized that I need a new and decent scanner so I can scan some of the most face-rocking panels of my new comics every week. With my crappy connection, I don’t have the time and patience to search for scans online. Bah. On to the reviews!

Justice Society of America #8: One thing I like about this book is the constant flow of character moments. This issue gives Liberty Belle a lot of those moments and I love it. She’s a lot more interesting to me now. I still hate her costume, though.

It bothered me when the JSA refused to give up Damage to the authorities. The dude broke the law and endangered the lives of hundreds of people! And speaking of that Damage jackhole, I have no problem with him dying somewhere down the road. He just brings the energy down every time he goes all whiny and emo.

Also, anybody else tired of the boring Alex Ross covers? Maybe it’s just me. Never really liked his realistic art.

New Avengers: Illuminati #4: First thing I thought when I saw the cover was “Hells yeahs! The Illuminati’s better halves get involved in the story!” And they do. But not the way I expected. First few pages are fun, though.

I can’t believe Xavier’s being the moral police when it comes to the matter of screwing with Noh-Varr’s mind. How many lives have you screwed up, Xavier? Jerk.

Jim Cheung did another fantastic job on art. I love the Avengers splash he did with the “new” Captain Marvel. I’m very interested to know what he’ll work on next after this mini. He’s a keeper.

She-Hulk #20: I’ve only started reading this book a few months ago so what goes on in some parts of this issue sort of baffles me. In a good way. It doesn’t take away the fun and the awesomeness of the issue. Any comic that includes the Man-Thing and a drunk Ducktor Strange of Duckworld is highly recommended reading.

There’s so much going on but it’s not overwhelming. Strangely, it’s very satisfying. Several plot threads are resolved with a couple of shout outs to comic nerds to boot. It’s glorious.

Also, Awesome Andy officially becomes the Mad Thinker’s Awesome Android once again! BOO-YAH!

Thor #2: I should be hating this comic right now for its slow pace and ridiculous amount of “widescreen moments”, but I’m not. The slow-moving story with big panels actually adds to the epic feel of Thor. It works. It seems my negative feelings about J. Michael Straczynksi are unwarranted. I apologize, Mr. Straczyptlk.

No action scenes doesn’t mean it’s less awesome. In fact, in every panel that features Thor, I swear I hear a face-melting guitar solo in the background. Swear.

And just when I’m starting to get comfortable with the slow and generally quiet epic story of Thor, I see the teaser image for next issue: Thor vs. Iron Man. YAY!

Uncanny X-Men #489: Okay, I think I know why I dropped this book after Brubaker’s space saga. It’s not that Ed Brubaker sucks, I worship the guy and what he’s doing with Captain America. I think I’m just disappointed with the lack of a “star” in this book. They dubbed Warpath the new Wolverine, and I’m just not seeing it. Even Xavier the jerk isn’t as interesting here as he is in other books.

Awesome surprise in the end though. I think the “Skids: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” reveal was the “WTF?!” moment of the week.

The Endangered Species backup is the best so far. Well, I haven’t read the New X-Men chapters but I don’t think I’m missing a lot. Anyway, how crappy is it to doubt yourself to the point where you trust your alternate reality evil self? Poor Henry McCoy.

World War Hulk #3: I am baffled at how John Romita Jr. makes every panel so epic and rich. You can just hear the noise. Seriously. I mean, when was the last time you read several panels of just tanks and helicopters exploding and you still enjoyed the hell out of it?

Let’s face it. Dr. Strange can throw the Hulk into another dimension with just a few words and a couple of flick of his fingers. But it just wouldn’t be fun if he does that. I never thought a Hulk/Strange confrontation would be anywhere near awesome, but damn it’s awesome. STRANGE SMASH!

Only three issues in, but I’m already declaring WWH as significantly more awesome than Civil War. And there are two more face-rocking issues to go! If one of them involves a Hulk/Thor battle, I swear my head will explode. It’s a long shot, but you’ll never know.

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