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This is the first face-rocking week of Face Rockery’s new face-rocking “schedule”. From this point onwards, I’ll stuff your face with new comics reviews on Mondays, whatever crap I can come up with on Tuesdays, interesting images and videos on Wednesdays, face-rocking comic book covers on Thursdays, and comics news on Fridays. This is a whole new level of nerdification, people! Now, onto the reviews!

Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord #1: I’ve never heard of this Starlord fellow until I started reading the first Annihilation mini-series, but I immediately fell in like with the dude. With this, the first issue of his own mini, I’m getting more reasons to like him.

The issue spends most of its time introducing the characters who will join Peter Quill, who’s taking up the “Starlord” name again, in a suicide mission to kick Phalanx ass. It’s like Nick Fury slash Spider-Man leading the Dirty Dozen. Love it.

And I mean come on, how can you not like a group with a talking raccoon firing a machine gun while perched on the hands of a giant walking tree? Awesome start for Keith Giffen and Timothy Green II.

Batman #666: I’m a fan of Batman, but I don’t read his comics. I just didn’t get into him flying solo. It’s always him as a member of the JLA or him teaming up with other heroes. But I took an exception this time because I just can’t resist the novelty of the issue’s number. 666. The number of the biggest baddie of them all, Lord Satan!

I loved it when Grant Morrison brought us to one of the X-Men’s alternate futures in New X-Men #150, and that’s the same feeling I have for this tale of the future Batman. It’s grim, gritty, violent, and in some ways, mind-numbingly confusing. But hey, I always enjoy Morrison’s acid trips so it’s all good. Plus, it’s the goddamn Batman versus the Dark Lord of Hell himself! It screams “ROCK YOUR FACE!!!” all over.

The Immortal Iron Fist #7: Being so into this series, I didn’t bother reading the solicitation. I was happily surprised to find out that this is a done-in-one story featuring the first and apparently last female Iron Fist: Wu Ao-Shi, The Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay! Let’s all shut up for a moment and let that awesome name sink in. Okay done.

I would have preferred if David Aja did this issue, but it’s not a big deal. The sheer awesomeness of the story overshadows the disjointed artwork, anyway.

I would just like to thank Marvel, Matt Fraction, and Ed Brubaker for giving the world this story of love, hot chicks, humor, pirates, and a whole lot of kung fu fighting. Bless your kind souls.

The Incredible Hulk #108: It makes sense that with all the loud smashery going on courtesy of World War Hulk, this issue slows down the pace so everybody can have a breather. After all, I don’t think people can withstand the sheer awesomeness of World War Hulk every week since WWH #2 just hit stands last week, and #3 will be arriving next week.

As a “breather”, this issue features the parallel situations Rick Jones and Miek are in. Rick is Hulk’s first friend on Earth, while Miek is Hulk’s first friend on Sakaar. They both want to help Hulk. A little melodramatic at times, but it drives the point that it’s not easy being the Hulk’s friend. But they’re helping him anyway. Awww.

The Mighty Avengers #4: Having dropped “New Avengers” a few weeks ago, I had second thoughts on getting this puppy. It’s already the 4th issue and we still hardly know what’s the deal with Lady Ultron! But I couldn’t resist Frank Cho‘s lovely art especially when it involves a naked Ultron who looks like the Wasp.

Ares going berserk on the Iron Man robots is a delight. I wish he’d go berserk every issue. It takes away my mind from the fact that the story’s moving at the slowest rate possible. Also, it seems the thought balloons are disappearing ever so slightly every issue. A shame, really. I like thought balloons when Bendis does them.

The art is cool and all, but the story’s still not a hit for me. At least we get more information about Ultron this time.

X-Men #201: Ugh. I just couldn’t enjoy the story with Humberto Ramos‘ art. I tried to like his works, but no dice. I hate it when I spend too much time on a panel just to decipher what the hell’s going on. It distracts me from an otherwise very enjoyable story by Mike Carey. Bah.

The Endangered Species backup is a sight for sore eyes after seeing Ramos’ abstract graffiti pages. Things get interesting too with the return of Dark Beast. I always liked that guy. Plus, it’s awesome to see him again because he still looks like Beast before he became feline-ish. I miss the classic Beast look. The only way I wouldn’t want it back is if Ramos would draw it. Okay, I’m sorry. I know he’s talented and all, but his art is just not my bag.

X-Men: First Class #2: It’s time for another praise-JeffParker-who’s-totally-awesome comic book review! First, he gives you extremely amusing banter between all of Xavier’s first students. Then he gives you giant cannibalistic monsters, bat-winged monkeys, voice-regurgitating carnivorous trees, and vampiric butterflies. He then finishes with an amusing twist and an exciting mystery. This is definitely the most fun book of the week.

Roger Cruz does another splendid job on art. It just lends itself well to the energy and vibrant charm of the book. Good job all around!

A couple of comics didn’t rock my face as much as I wanted them to, but most are good reads. Also, missed out on WWH: X-Men #2 again. Dammit.

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