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Every week, I’ll talk about my latest comics haul. From the totally awesome works of geniushood to those terribly swimming in the sucktitude pool, I’m giving my 2 cents on them whether you like it or not. Savvy? Good. Let’s rock!

I’m doing things differently starting this week. I figured listing reasons why a comic rocks would suck if I review a comic that doesn’t rock. I’m going back to how I used to do it. That is all.

All-Flash: When I tried out The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #1 to see if I can be a Flash fan, I was seriously disappointed and vowed never to lay my hand on another Flash comic again. A year later, here I am, holding my copy of All-Flash and vowing to pick up The Flash #231 next month.

There’s not a lot of action here, but what Flash does to Inertia is hardcore and mean. I love it. The teasers Mark Waid laid out near the end of the issue makes me want to stick with The Flash for the next few months, just to see where it’ll go. I have too much faith in Waid to be scared of another Flash disappointment.

On the art side, I kinda dig Karl Kerschl‘s pages, but it’s sad that he won’t be doing the monthly series. I guess I’ll have to bear with Daniel Acuña’s ugly quasi-paintings. Ugh.

Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar #1: Man, Phyla-Vell is one screwed up chick. She’s got issues Peter Parker could never dream of. It kind of gets repetitive at times though, but the awesometacular return of the Super-Adaptoid makes up for the emo self-confidence issue scenes.

Speaking of the Super-Adaptoid, in this post-Civil War universe, it’s strangely weird and cool to see a character whose appearance takes elements from the “classic” Avengers’ costumes. Seeing parts of Captain America and Iron Man in one dude’s costume is eerily fantastic. I’m sentimental like that.

I like the Joan of Arc inner turmoil flavor of the book, but I hope things pick up next issue on the mind-blowing action department. And more Super-Adaptoid, please.

Avengers: The Initiative #4: While Countdown acts as “the spine” of the DCU, this book feels like the spine of the Marvel U. It’s an awesome flagship for the whole Initiative thingamajig, and starting this issue, it also ties up to World War Hulk seamlessly. Now we know why the Hulk wasn’t bothered by the nanobots in World War Hulk #1. Tony Stark indirectly screwed himself, if you think about it. Brilliant.

The best line in the issue has got to be Rage telling that idiot Triathlon to shut the hell up. “Avengers seniority?! Look me in the eye and say that again, Delroy!” Good times.

Birds of Prey #108: Do we really need the first two pages where the Secret Six, whose storyline with the Birds ended last issue, just exchange banter? Not that I’m saying that it’s not fun, but I’m just that those were two pages could have been used to extend the fight between Oracle and Spy-Smasher, which is totally awesome.

Several pages of nasty, bloody, and sexy face punching between two hot chicks, one of which is crippled, gives me the happies. After those face-rocking pages, we get to see two 2-page spreads of all of Oracle’s agents which would make a great poster.

It’s a great way for Gail Simone to end her run. I’m sure the next writer would do a good job of handling the Birds, but I definitely think that it won’t be as much fun as Simone’s awesome run. Hey, that rhymes!

The Brave & The Bold #5: The cover says “Batman vs. Legion of Super-Heroes”. That alone should be enough reason for people to pick it up.

This whole issue is better than the whole Lightning Saga. Hell, the anti-grav martial arts fight between Batman and Karate Kid alone contains more awesome juice than all the Lightning Saga JLA and JSA issues combined.

George Perez, like always, kicks ass on the art department. I’ve run out of compliments for the guy so, yeah.

If you ask me, this is the best DC book right now. 5 issues in, I’ve never complained and I think it’s getting better as we roll along. I mean, come on! Anti-grav martial arts fight between Batman and Karate Kid!

Captain America #28: Seeing Professor X here is a big surprise. Well, at least for me. You gotta give it to Tony Stark. Being the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., he’s got dozens of telepathic agents at his disposal. But that wouldn’t be as fun to see as Xavier having a verbal spat with Crossbones.

This is the first time I’ve seen Sin, Red Skull’s hot daughter, in action. I have to admit, I’m smitten. “There’s nothing like mixing a little anarchy in your capitalism, right?” says the psychotic redhead. That’s sexy talk right there.

With this issues events, it’s almost certain that there will be a new Captain America bursting into the scene in a few months. God, I hope it’ll be Bucky.

Giant-Size Marvel Adventures The Avengers: I nearly crapped my pants when I first heard about this. One of the first posts on this blog is a testament to my pants-shitting anticipation. And I’m glad that it’s as awesome as I imagined it would be.

One exchange between Cap and Spidey represents the face-rocking nature of Jeff Parker‘s opus of awesomeness: “We need to find out how tyrannosaurs are making 30-million-year leaps through time” says Cap. “Maybe they’re just really cool?” quips Spidey. Brilliant.

I can talk more about the unadulterated kick-assery of Kang, the pure satisfaction of seeing the Agents of Atlas again, and the sheer fun of seeing Gorilla Man pwning Spider-Man and Wolverine, but I’m afraid my head might explode.

The Order #1: I’ve seen superheroes acting like celebrities before, but there’s something fresh about The Order. Can’t quite put my finger on it now. Maybe next issue.

Since when did Pepper Potts become an Oracle-type superhero? I don’t read Iron Man comics so I’m really not familiar with her. I do know that she’s Tony Stark’s secretary. I need to look her up on Wikipedia.

I love Barry Kitson for the detailed and straightforward artwork, and I love Matt Fraction for for the awesome character development. Also, for the promise that next issue, The Order will be fighting a super-powered group that includes a bear. Boo-yah!

Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 #1: The greatest heist in the history of the Multiverse. That sentence alone almost made my head explode. MODOK gathers a motley crew of villains and it just screams fun for the whole family! Okay, not for the whole family. But it screams fun for all who has a decent sense of awesomeness.

I swear, the more I read stuff with MODOK in it, the more I become a MODOK fan, regardless of the writer. Speaking of the writer, kudos to Fred Van Lente for giving us a peek into the over-sized mind of MODOK. It’s twisted and charming at the same time. Weird.

And the art, oh man, the art. I love it. Francis Portela has this Steve McNiven vibe to him, but less stiff. This is definitely going to be in my best-of-2007 list.

World War Hulk #2: From the cover alone, you can deduce that what’s waiting inside is pure ass-smashery. It. Is. Glorious.

I am baffled at how John Romita Jr. makes this book seem loud, epic, and rock n’ roll-ish. I mean, every other page deserves a heavy metal soundtrack. Or at least a face-melting 10-minute guitar solo. The part where Hulk and his Warbound take on the Fantastic Six is like a Michael Bay movie on steroids. I blurted out “FUCK YEAH!!!” when I saw the Thing and the Hulk going one-on-one. Seriously.

It does have its quiet moments though. And I have to say the the most profound is when Rick Jones tells the Hulk that “Cap is dead.” But Dr. Strange ruins the moment and we’re back in the loud guitar solo groove. I never thought I’ll be excited to see Gen. “Thunderbolt” Ross. Next issue will hopefully be an old school Hulk vs. the Army clusterfuck. It will be magnificent.

It could have been a perfectly awesome week for me if Marvel decided to get their shit together on their online catalog. It’s messed up. According to their website, Giant-Size Marvel Adventures The Avengers won’t be released until August. Good thing I saw it on display at my LCS, or else I would have missed Jeff Parker’s most face-rocking work to date. Unfortunately though, I missed out on World War Hulk: Xmen #2 since Marvel’s online catalog says it’ll be released next week. Get it together, Marvel! I’m too lazy to go over the new arrivals list at my LCS!

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