New Comics YAY! #16: Caiera SMASH!

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I didn’t get to hop on the Planet Hulk train but that didn’t stop me from picking up this lovely piece of What If? awesomeness. What If? Planet Hulk contains three stories by Greg Pak featuring alternate outcomes of the Planet Hulk saga, and all of it is a whole bag of nice. I specifically love the first one where the Hulk died and Caiera lived to raise hell on Earth. It was meaner, bloodier, and sadder. Brilliant. Also, can I just say that Leonard Kirk is the shit?

Annihilation: Conquest – Wraith #4: It’s not as “loud” as I imagined it would be, but as the last issue of a mini-series starring a new space character, it’s surprisingly satisfying. I’m sorta bummed with the mystery of the dude who killed his father still being unresolved. Over-all, A:C – Wraith was a decent way to introduce a new Marvel character while adding another dimension to the whole Annihilation saga.

The Flash #233: Man, Freddie E. Williams II‘s art is a refreshing sight. Never really liked Daniel Acuña’s pseudo paintings. As for the story, I know it’s well written and it’s supposed to be entertaining, but the green aliens aren’t really floating my boat. Meh. Anyhoo, nice backup story starring Jay Garrick. Can’t wait for Barry Allen next month!

She-Hulk #22: Peter David takes over and so far, so good. Not really crazy about She-Hulk’s new job as a bounty hunter, but it’s working at the moment. There’s a couple of “WTF just happened there?!” moments that I hope will be resolved or at least slightly explained next issue. Also, classy letter from Mr. David about how awesome Dan Slott’s run was.

Teen Titans #52: It’s obvious who the star of this issue is: Blue Beetle. From his awesome fight with Future Bart Allen, to the best line of the week, “Holy mother of Vince McMahon!”, Blue Beetle saves the day for the Titans. I’m sorta disappointed with the false advertising on the cover, though. I was expecting a mean brawl between the Titans and a giant purple starfish, but Starro the Conqueror was a no-show. Boo.

Thunderbolts #117: Gah. Needs less Penance. Nothing exciting going on here, really. It’s just the former Speedball and his psyche being placed under the microscope by Doc Samson. And several people making the finger pyramid of evil contemplation. If there’s one thing that gave me a sequential art boner, it’s the Green Goblin mask inside Norman Osborn’s drawer. Other than that, meh.

X-Men #204: Let me just say HALLELUJAH for the absence of Humberto Ramos’ art. I’ve been waiting several months for him to leave, and it seems the fates are finally listening to my endless begging. Mike Choi taking over the art chores for this issue is an early Christmas gift. I’ve been a huge fan of his awesometasticity ever since he melted my face with X-23: Target X. Come on, Marvel. Give this guy a regular gig! Chop chop!

X-Men: First Class #5: The most fun Marvel monthly once again rocks my face. This month, it’s a brawl between the X-Men and the Hulk, Jeff Parker style! As if this gamma-irradiated fun story wasn’t enough, Colleen Coover and Chris Giarusso add two extra short stories that are so cute, it must be illegal.

It’s a hit-or-miss week, but mostly hit. So, yeah. It’s a MEH week.

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