New Comics YAY! #15: Zombies… IN SPAAAACE!

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If you haven’t heard yet, I love zombies. So much so that I decided to dedicate a category just for these awesome undead. If there’s anything I love more than zombies, it’s superhero zombies… IN SPAAAACE! That’s why my Face-Rocking Read of the Week is the first issue of Marvel Zombies 2, the sequel to the highly successful mini-series released in 2005. What makes it awesome, besides the involvement of superhero zombies IN SPAAAACE, is the face-melting twist: there’s a way to stop the hunger. Also, the superhero space zombies eat Ego the Living Planet. Good times.

For the rest of my haul, I’ve come up once again with a new way to review them, which pretty much resembles the way I used to do it before last week. This Baddie guy, what a fickle.

The Brave and the Bold #7: It’s a fantastic done-in-one issue, not to mention refreshing since the opening arc has just finished. Awesome work as usual by George Perez and Mark Waid, although I think Waid wrote Power Girl differently from how Geoff Johns is writing her over at the Justice Society book. Nevertheless, still a good read. Also, did I mention Power Girl and Wonder Woman fight mummies in this issue? Yeah. Awesome.

Captain America #31: So this is the first time I kind of got bored with this book since I jumped on when Cap died. It just felt like a really long filler. The last couple of pages could’ve been an awesome cliffhanger, considering Bucky is seemingly back to his old Winter Soldier shenanigans, but the issue didn’t get the momentum it needed to create a compelling ending. A shame really, since I’ve been pumped up to read this issue after they unveiled the new Cap.

The Death of the New Gods #1: Once in a while, I pick up something on the basis of its hype. This is one such occasion. It seems a pretty good bet. Jack Kirby characters. Jim Starlin doing a space epic. “Death” in the title. But somehow, it felt short for me. It’s nice to get introduced to these characters since I’m not really a fan of the New Gods, but I was expecting a little light shed on who’s killing these guys and why. After all, we’ve already established in the last few months that there’s some New God serial killer out there. We just got more dead New Gods in this issue. I’m giving this one more try next month.

The Mighty Avengers #5: Yep. They’re still fighting Lady Ultron. If Frank Cho isn’t as awesome as he is, I wouldn’t be sticking around for this. It’s obvious that Bendis is milking Cho’s awesome artwork, and it’s turning out to be a frustrating collaboration for a lot of fans. Bendis is known for decompression while Cho has admitted that he’s having a hard time keeping up with the art chores because of the number of characters. Slow art production + decompression = next arc, I’ll just wait for the trade.

Terror, Inc. #3: With two big explosions and tons of blood and body parts flying around, this issue is made of solid zombie gold. I somewhat feel sad because we’re already halfway through the mini-series and I don’t know if there will be more Terror goodness in the horizon. Two more issues to go, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be zombie sex involved. Here’s hopin’!

2 out of my 6 new comics this week involve zombies. 1 of the 4 non-zombie comics involves mummies. Yep. Halloween is coming.

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