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It was my birthday week and I was awesomed at the sheer amount of face rockery that went on in comics. It was like the universe conspiring to give me the most awesometastic comic book birthday week ever! Here’s proof:

Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord #3: The best Annihilation: Conquest book continues as we find out that Groot isn’t dead and he’s just… diminished. Sort of poetic when the royal flora hitched a ride on Rocket Raccoon, who used to ride shotgun on Groot.

The art is still topnotch while the story’s getting more intense. I can’t wait to see how this strange team gets out of their predicament. I hope most of them survive because I’d love to see more of them after the Annihilation: Conquest event, especially the dynamic duo of Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Avengers: The Initiative #6: Not a big fan of manga-influenced artwork so fill-in artist Steve Uy didn’t rock my boat on this one, but it’s a whole lot prettier than most of the stuff out there. What’s interesting though is that in the first few pages, I thought Uy’s Slapstick seemed uncharacteristically creepy and sinister. The reveal on the last page makes me wonder if that’s intentional or my mind’s just playing tricks on me.

Dan Slott scores another point for great character moments of the former New Warriors in the Initiative program. This brings a whole new level of tension in the book and I love it.

Immortal Iron Fist #9: Cudgel of Misfortune! Whirlwind of Impending Doom! Burning Chi Thunderfoot! The Devil’s Skullcrusher! If you think these phrases are already face-rockingly awesome, you gotta check out the Kung Fu action in these pages for the full happy tears-inducing effect.

In between lightning-fast kicks to the face, there’s also a nice amount of Iron Fist history thrown in there. As for the tournament itself, Fat Cobra wins one for the fatties out there, and he deserves the award for Best Line of the Week: “Bring me my victory wenches!” I swear I’ll use that line every time I win something.

Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1: Hold the phone! The Iron Fist gang isn’t finished with all the ball-busting, ass-kicking, and face-rocking Kung Fu action! Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction are joined by Howard Chaykin, Dan Brereton, and Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic for the second Iron Fist story of the week. The art is magnificently done, although I’m not a big fan of how Chaykin draws Danny Rand. Meh.

We’re given more awesome Iron Fist goodness as Orson Randall and his friends take on the Lightning Lords, the Bride of Nine Spiders, and the Harem Harlots of Harlem! That last one is so awesome, I think I’ll say it again: HAREM HARLOTS OF HARLEM!!! This is officially my favorite annual of 2007.

Teen Titans #51: I almost didn’t pick this one up because I’m getting tired of DC’s constant attempts to tie virtually all DC books together, especially with the whole Green Arrow and Black Canary wedding. But I saw the preview pages and it got my attention. There’s something about a future Kon-El in full Superman attire talking to his “Pa” that just pulled me in.

I wish there was more of Blue Beetle here since I think the dude’s becoming the most interesting character in the DCU right now, but I enjoyed the issue, nonetheless. The only gripe I have about it is why would the future Titans think that by subduing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter, they’ve effectively subdued the whole JLA? But I have to admit, I’ll definitely pick up the next issue because the last page on this one is a hoot.

The Order #3: This title just gets better and better. I mean, seriously. Last issue, we got a Russian bear with a jetpack. A Russian bear with a jetpack. This issue, we get robotic zombies who look like homeless guys. Zombie hobos. ZOBOS!!!

Aside from that ridiculously awesome Zobos concept, this book continues to kick ass with great character moments and interesting team dynamics. Also, Barry Kitson continues his march of detailed artwork that makes Becky look hot even when she’s taking the form of a dragon! Must be the blonde hair.

X-Men #203: How Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde hid the Destiny Diaries was just brilliant. That’s an awesome way to use telepathic powers, girlfriend. Unfortunately, the rest of the issue isn’t as brilliant as I hoped it would be. It’s just Cannonball and Iceman taking on Mr. Sinister’s posse. Meh.

The Endangered Species backup wasn’t too brilliant either. Beast and Dark Beast go at it again for the bajillionth time. Only this time, there are rednecks. If this is how the rest of Mike Carey’s run will be, I don’t think I’ll be interested to follow the whole upcoming Messiah CompleX event. Bah.

X-Men: First Class #4: It’s that time of the month again when I sing praises to Jeff Parker and the rest of the X-Men: First Class crew. First of all, this book has the most entertaining recap pages in all of comicdom. I guess since most First Class stories are self-contained, there’s no need for recap pages and they just have fun with it. Awesome.

The issue’s all about Bobby and Hank as they take a road trip, X-Men style. Between Hank playing blackjack, Bobby freezing mosquitoes, and both of them waiting out a hurricane inside an igloo in Florida, it’s all good, clean, heart-warming fun. I love it.

Face-Rocking Panel of the Week: It’s hard to pick between Zobos, Slapstick violence, and other face-rocking panels last week, but since it was my birthday week and I was feeling extra mushy, I’ll give the prize to this heart-warming scene from Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord #3:

rocket raccoon and groot

Ah, yes. Nothing says “friendship” more than a space raccoon giving a spit bath to a pixie-sized royal alien plant. Group hug!

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