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4 out of the 7 comics I got last week cost $3.99 each. WTF?! I can smell the increase in cover price of all regular comics in the near future. I hope I’m wrong or my wallet is screwed. Anyhoo, it’s time for the reviews! YAY!

Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar #3: I’m very disappointed with what’s happening in this book. It started out as interesting, but it’s becoming bland and boring with every issue. The art is still good, but the overall awesomehood of this mini is declining every month.

Even the presence of the Super-Adaptoid can’t improve the awesome level. Sure, Moondragon turning into a badass dragon permanently (apparently) is interesting, and Christos Gage may have invented lesbian bestiality with this turn of events, but that’s the only thing worth talking about in this issue. And the way characters talk reminds me of old comics where people say out loud what they’re thinking and do running commentaries on what they’re doing or feeling. What’s up with that?! I’m still going to get the last issue next month, though. Just to see the conclusion. Hopefully, things’ll get better.

Captain America #30: How come Ed Brubaker can make Tony Stark not look like a douche and still act like the government dude he’s supposed to be while other writers *cough* Straczynski *cough* always manage to make him look like a total asshole?

There are some interesting developments in this issue, including Agent 13‘s seemingly confirmed pregnancy, Iron Man figuring out Agent 13’s involvement in Cap’s assassination, and the content of Cap’s letter to Iron Man being revealed. I’m very eager to know what Stark will do about Cap’s wish of not letting “Captain America” die. 5 months without its star but this book is still a good read. That’s just awesome.

The Flash #232: Only the 2nd issue of this run and I think it’s already growing on me. The West kids kinda annoyed me at first, but they’re kinda fun. I just hope they don’t hog the pages too much because I’m not reading this to see their punk asses handed to them all the time.

The art’s growing on me too. I have to admit that I hate how Daniel Acuña does faces, but I’m not as bothered by it like I was in All-Flash #1.

I’m still confused with what’s happening, though. But I guess it’s all part of Mark Waid‘s master plan. I love how he had the Flash utilize his powers and mechanical training to slow down the invading aliens that strangely remind me a lot of women’s genital thingamajigs.

Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special: If you don’t give a shit about the rest of the DCU and all the other comics that tie up with this special, this is pure fun and joy. However, if there’s a slight chance that you give a crap about continuity, there’s a lot here that will leave you scratching your head. So yeah, let’s not dwell on that.

Best part of this special for me is the art. Hot damn, Amanda Conner rules. Like, totally. She can do action, facial expressions, and sexy time magnificently. I especially love the 2-page spread featuring everybody in the cave. It’s a beauty.

It’s just unfortunate that we didn’t even see the actual “tying of the knot”. But I enjoyed it anyway. I might even get the new Green Arrow / Black Canary series next month.

Marvel Comics Presents #1: Marvel calls it their “mix tape”, and I love mix tapes. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t float my boat. Out of the 5 stories here, only 2 got my attention.

The Vanguard story is the best of the bunch, in my view. It hooked me with its mysterious charm that I can largely attribute to a police sketch of Uatu the Watcher. The art’s awesome too. I move that it be made into a stand-alone mini-series! The other story that caught my fancy was that of Guardian, but even that didn’t really awesome my face.

The Hellcat piece confused me like… well, hell. But Stuart Immonen‘s art made it bearable. The Spider-Man story is so blah, I don’t think I’ll give it another sentence in this review. Lastly, the heart-warming tale of the Thing told through Alicia Masters’ eyes (LOL) was just okay. Overall, MCP’s debut is not a total disaster, but it’s nowhere near a total victory either.

Terror, Inc. #2: I can’t put the awesomeness of this comic in words. But you gotta know how awesome it is just by looking at the cover, right? I mean, come on. That’s an immortal zombie with an arm of a bear grafted to his rotting body! And that’s just the cover!

Things get more kickass when you get past the cover. Terror‘s remains (blood splats mixed with some meat) get flushed down the toilet and then transported through the sewers where it takes control of a frog. And then the fun really starts.

Zombie cat. Domestic violence. Rape. Explosions. GLORIOUS!

World War Hulk #4: Dr. Strange goes too far as he and the Hulk throw down like it’s nobody’s business! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this amount of sound effects in one comic before. It sounds crazy, but I think I went deaf for a few minutes after reading this. And that’s totally awesome.

It’s not all loud noises, though. Quiet moments bring as much oomph as the fight scenes. The testimonials against the Illuminati is a perfect example of that. And after that eye-opening sequence, the volume is turned up once again as Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and Black Bolt battle a huge monster and then each other! There’s still one issue left but I’m already declaring this the best comics event of 2007. KRAKKAROOM!!!

Face-Rocking Panel of the Week: There was a lot of kickass panels in WWH #4, but I have an unhealthy soft spot for zombies, so from Terror, Inc. #2…

zombie frog-cat!!!

Terror assimilated a frog, and then Terror Frog assimilated a cat. ZOMBIE FROG-CAT!!!

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