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Before we start with the reviews, let me just acknowledge the totally awesome conclusion of Friday Night Fights — Uppercut!!! brought to us by the wicked Bahlactus! Cosmic high five, bruh! Now, let me proceed with reviewing 2 weeks worth of new comics. YAY!

Annihilation: Conquest – Wraith #3: Like a true western, our protagonist emerge from seemingly certain defeat to round up a kickass posse and clean house, space cowboys-style! Boo-yah!

Super-Skrull and Praxagora join Wraith in the kick-Phalanx-ass movement as Ronan makes a difficult decision. Considering that the previous issue was somewhat more quiet, this issue builds everything up for the mini’s conclusion in a very loud way. I can’t wait to see how all this shit will boil down in #4.

Also, there’s a space pirate ship taking refuge near a star wrestling with a black hole. Crazy.

Daredevil #100: Picked up this anniversary issue to once again try if I can be a Daredevil fan since I’ve been hearing good things about the book since Bendis started. The buzz sort of died down a little when Ed Brubaker took the writing reigns, but I still wanted to give it a shot.

As the start of a new arc, it’s a perfect jumping-on point for someone like me. But even with a nice story that practically takes new readers up to speed with Daredevil lore, I concluded that Daredevil really isn’t my kind of bag. The art, though, is 100% awesome. Several artistic big guns contribute face-melting pages, and I especially liked the ones by Marko Djurdjevic. I understand this is his first interior work, and I must say he should do more.

Not enough for me to get it monthly, but for an anniversary issue, it’s well worth the cover price.

Green Lantern #23: I once read somewhere in the comics blogosphere that you can have a team where all members have the same power and still be a dynamic and exciting bunch of super people. This book is a testament to that idea. A year ago, I would’ve never said that I’ll be a Green Lantern fan. Sorry, self from a year ago. I’m most definitely a huge GL fan now.

Anyhoo, the Lanterns make a daring escape from Qward thanks in part to Hal Jordan who wielded several yellow rings. That’s a scary thing to see for the rest of the Lanterns, I’m sure. The Earth GLs go back home to ask help from the Justice League while the rest of the GL Corps fortify Oa in preparation for the onslaught of the Sinestro Corps. Lethal force has been enabled for the GLs, which is good, right? Not exactly. Sinestro and his gang aren’t going for Oa. They’re bringing the pain to Earth. Dun dun dunnnn!

Incredible Hulk #110: I vote for Amadeus Cho to have his own mini-series or at least be a part of an ongoing series after this whole World War Hulk thing. And include Scorpion too because she’s hot. He’s smart, funny, and he has a coyote inside his jacket. Not to mention he can take down a frickin’ robotby using a pebble. A PEBBLE!

Cho gives a very convincing argument about the Hulk not being a killer, and he uses (GASP!) mathematics! Give him a series with the rest of the renegades as a supporting cast and I’ll be all over it. Seriously. Kudos to Pak and Pagulayan for an awesome incredible issue!

Justice League of America Wedding Special: I’m trying to get a hook to get me back into the JLoA train (I dropped Brad Meltzer’s JLoA after #10) and this special tickled my fancy enough for me to give Dwayne McDuffie‘s JLoA a try.

The first couple of pages made fun of Brad Melzter’s having Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman deliberate the membership of the new Justice League by going through photos. Lex Luthor, The Joker, and Cheetah didn’t do it for several issues, though (Oh snap!).

Some scenes may seem a little silly (A bachelor party without hookers? What gives?!) and the title is kind of a misfire since this has almost nothing to do with Green Arrow and Black Canary’s wedding. But overall, McDuffie’s JLoA looks like it’s going to be fun. So yeah, I think I’ll climb aboard and see where this goes.

Justice Society of America #9: I had a revelation: Power Girl is DC’s alpha female right now. It’s probably because of the writers and editors doing a great job in keeping her interesting and fun to read, unlike Wonder Woman who really needs a huge push right now, and I don’t mean another Amazons Attack! brouhaha. But I digress.

Anyone who’s looking for a great straight-up superhero book should be reading this. From kids making pancakes to Citizen Steel’s dilemma with his uniform, and from Wildcat and Wildcat Jr.’s boxing fight to Starman opening a black hole which paves the way for the arrival of Kingdom Come Superman, it’s all glorious fun! And speaking of KC Superman, even though I knew it was coming, that last page gave me chills. Awesome.

Nova #6: Drax the Destroyer, the dude who killed Thanos back in the Annihilation War, returns! But only to be Nova’s bitch. Yeah, he sorta became Drax the Punching Bag for Select Nova here. Nova served the beating while Gamora watched sexily. Good times.

Nova and the new female Nova gave a very entertaining version of a car chase scene, and it all ended with the female Nova kicking the bucket, thanks to Gamora who killed her. Sexily. Wonder if she’s really dead. Well, she’s probably not.

The Annihilation: Conquest titles are continuing their momentum towards their conclusion which will lead into the the main Annihilation: Conquest mini. Can’t wait for that one.

Punisher: War Journal #11: The moment I saw that Ariel Olivetti didn’t do the interior art for this issue, I started to miss him already. Nothing against Leandro Fernandez who did a fine job, but Olivetti’s art is so awesome you just have to miss him if he skips an issue.

The story’s unusually quiet for a Punisher comic, but “quiet” doesn’t necessarily mean “not awesome”. Especially if it involves the Winter Soldier trying to pick a fight with the Punisher. Wrap your head around the potential carnage that will ensue if that fight pushed through. Unfortunately, it didn’t. We did get to find out what happened to Captain America’s mask that the Punisher picked up after Cap was arrested. It’s all up to Bucky now.

She-Hulk #21: With one fun-filled issue, Marvel’s gaps in continuity have been patched and there’s no need for a crisis anytime soon. Also, the truth about She-Hulk sleeping with the Juggernaut has finally been revealed and it all makes sense now. One thing I like about Marvel is they can fix almost any continuity glitch without doing a maxi-series.

It’s so meta in some places, but it really doesn’t bother me. I think this issue, being Dan Slott‘s last of his run, perfectly summarizes the era that’s ending. It’s been a fun ride with Slott, but I wouldn’t be too sad because Peter David is the one who’ll be taking over. If his She-Hulk run will be as enjoyable as his X-Factor run, I’m all for it.

Super-Villain Team-Up / MODOK’s 11 #3: Still no clue who the 11th member of MODOK’s 11 is, but you can hardly notice with all the double crossing and triple crossing.

The crew seemingly executes the heist without a hitch until it was time to exit. The fun really starts when the Infinicide are revealed to be MODOK-like giant-headed dudes. And then Puma loses his powers and everything goes BWHOOOMM!!! Good frickin’ times.

The art, as usual, is fantastic. I wouldn’t mind if they turn this book into an ongoing where MODOK hires a different set of villains for different jobs. Speaking of MODOK, it still makes me chuckle whenever he precedes people’s names with “minion”.

Thor #3: The moment a lot of Marvel fans have been waiting several months for has arrived. Finally, Thor has layeth the smacketh downeth on Iron Man!

The pages with Thor striking Iron Man with huge bolts of lightning followed by him grabbing the poor tin man by the throat and ripping his helmet off? Those pages alone are worth the cover price of this issue. Actually, make that double the price of this issue.

I would like to thank JMS for making this possible. I know the rest of the issue isn’t bad, but the Iron Man pages simply take the cake. I would also like to thank Olivier Coipel for drawing such awesome imagery. Heimdall looks as badass as Thor, or probably even more. Rockin’. Just rockin’.

Uncanny X-Men #490: You know what I’d like to see? Hepzibah vs. Tigra. One double-sized special issue featuring two hot feline characters duking it out. We can call it “Cat Fight”. Am I a genius or what? Shut up.

The X-Men are in real deep shit, it seems. I mean, they almost lost Warpath here thanks to Masque. Freakin’ Masque! Meanwhile, Storm gets another traumatic experience under a pile of rocks. I bet Skids: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. will save the day. Or not.

The Endangered Species story is getting more depressing with every chapter. I’m loving how they’re writing Beast in this story. He’s becoming edgier. Love it.

X-Factor #23: It’s time once again for me to sing praise to Peter David and Pablo Raimondi for an awesome issue of X-Factor.

I love the movie poster-esque cover. I love the strange dynamic between Quicksilver and Layla Miller. I love how Raimondi draws facial expressions. I love Madrox getting in Cyclops’ face. I love how Monet and Siryn’s mission ties up with the Isolationist‘s plans. I love the moment when Madrox realized that the Isolationist is a bad mofo. I love the way the Isolationist and X-Factor began their battle without words being spoken. Man, I love this book.

Beast finally loses it in the Endangered Species backup. Things may have started slow with this story but the feeling of desperation is starting to reach fever pitch. I still refuse to add New X-Men to my pull list just to get the whole Endangered Species experience, though.

Face-Rocking Panel of the Week: Anything can happen when Frank Castle’s around like, say, Winter Soldier getting hit by an elbow to the face! From Punisher: War Journal #11…

punisher vs. bucky

Take that, Bucky! That’ll teach you not to trust the Punisher when he says he only wants to talk!

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