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I’m not really in the mood for shouting “YAY!” right now because 1.) I’m living a very stressful and depressing life right now, and 2.) there were only two comics that grabbed my wallet’s attention. It was supposed to be three, but my LCS decided to only get two (TWO!!!) copies of The Last Fantastic Four Story. I have to wait two weeks before I get my copy. Bah. Anyway, this’ll be short so let’s get it over with.

Avengers: The Initiative #5: I frickin’ love this book, I swear. There’s a lot to digest here like the formation of the Shadow Initiative, the mystery behind Mutant Zero, and the steady rise of Trauma to total awesomehood. And it’s all fun. Kudos to Dan Slott for playing in the World War Hulk sandbox while still focusing on the story of the Initiative peeps. Also, in just one page, he touched upon the repercussions of House of M, events in Iron Man’s book, and the emerging face rockery of the new New Warriors. Awesome writer that Dan Slott guy is.

I kinda geeked out when Trauma turned into Thor. Emo boy might just be the coolest new character in the Marvel U in recent memory. And for the coolest line of the week, I’d have to give it to Thor Girl: “He wields the power of Thor. My god.” KTAMM!

Teen Titans #50: I’ve been waiting for some time now to jump in the Teen Titans bandwagon. An extra-sized 50th issue special featuring several creative teams seems to be a good starting point. Sadly, I wasn’t that impressed.

For an introductory issue for a new reader, it’s sorta helpful with the flashbacks and all. And the current line up is sorta appealing, if not slightly interesting. Actually, I think I want to read old Titans issues. I think I’ll hunt for back issues from Wolfman and Perez’s run. But yeah, I’ll stick around the new school for a while. I’m not, you know, stalking Supergirl or anything. It’s just that there’s enough Titans goodnes in this issue to pique my interest, s’all.

I just realized it’s Marvel/DC Teen Fun Week. Yay?

Face-Rocking Panel of the Week: There were a lot of awesome scenes in the Initiative book, but I always pay my respects to comics that make me LOL. From Teen Titans #50…

panel of the week: dumb bart

Wow. If he’s that dumb, he really does deserve to die. I’m kidding. Bart Allen just became my favorite Titan of all time, all because of this panel. His facial expression suggesting he’s finally recognizing the shenanigans is priceless.

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