New Comics YAY! #1

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new comics yay! #1

When I was writing the last few posts of my Weekly Haul series over at Baddieverse, I felt that it was becoming too much work, and when blogging becomes work, it’s no longer fun. I like fun. Long story short, I decided to end it. But blogging about comics is way too addictive for me and I can’t stay away from writing about sequential art. Plus, putting up this new Face Rockery blog gave me my second wind, as far as blogging about comics is concerned. So here we are. BEHOLD! My new New Comics YAY! series where I talk about my latest comics haul! I’ll yak about my new comics and you’re going to enjoy it, bitches!

Here’s how we’ll do this: For each of my new comics, I’ll give you reasons why it rocks. The more reasons I give, the more awesome the comic is. Fewer reasons mean the comic is just so-so or it’s terribly swimming in the sucktitude pool. Savvy? Good. Let’s rock!

Why Annihilation: Conquest Prologue rocks:

  • annihilation: conquest prologueI enjoyed the first Annihilation event immensely, so Marvel deciding to do another one is an automatic rockery point.
  • The new Quasar, Phylla-Vell, is an interesting character with self-confidence issues. Plus, she and Moondragon are hot lesbian lovers.
  • Peter Quill, the former Starlord, is a fun character. He’s like Peter Parker and Nick Fury combined.
  • Spaceknights!
  • A whole galaxy encased in an energy field: sci-fi bad-assery!
  • The return of the Phalanx! And their methodical conquest of the whole Kree empire. Ronan‘s gonna be pissed.
  • Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have set up a very interesting dilemma for Marvel’s cosmic characters, and it has convinced me to get the 3 tie-in mini-series preceding the main Annihilation: Conquest mini-series. My wallet hates Marvel.

Why The Immortal Iron Fist #6 rocks:

  • the immortal iron fist #6This closes the first story arc of the series, and it’s a hell of an opening salvo from Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction.
  • An ancient drinking game where from 3 chalices, you pick 1 for you and another for your opponent. If you pick the poisoned one for your opponent, you win. Good times.
  • Naked evil kung fu bird women!
  • The original Heroes for Hire versus a whole bunch of Hydra agents: bad-assery galore.
  • Awesomest fight scenes evar!
  • David Aja‘s art is fantastic. Whether the scene calls for drama, comedy, or kicks-to-the-face action, he always delivers.
  • “I have the best kung fu.” – Iron Fist

Why The Sensational Spider-Man Annual 2007 rocks:

  • the sensational spider-man annual 2007It made me fall in love with Mary Jane. Seriously.
  • The look of the flashback scenes has the innocence of old comics. I love it.
  • I actually felt the nostalgia when MJ and Peter reminisced about the good ol’ days.
  • The friendly cop looks like Al Pacino, while the douchebag S.H.I.E.L.D. agent looks like Ben Affleck who, incidentally, is also a douchebag.
  • It makes me empathize with Peter for the first time after the whole Civil War shennanigan. Matt Fraction should write Spider-Man more often.
  • I finally find Peter and MJ’s relationship and love story endearing and charming.
  • This is the best Spider-Man comic I’ve ever read, bar none.

Why She-Hulk #19 rocks:

  • she-hulk #19Jennifer Walters using The Thing‘s pad temporarily. Seeing her use Ben’s keys, which are huge, made me chuckle. Yes, I’m that shallow.
  • The Leader presented as someone actually menacing.
  • 2 comic book geeks beating up a non-geek using comic long boxes. Great sight gag.
  • Clever character study on She-Hulk during The Leader’s trial.
  • A comic book is used in the court of law as an evidence of She-Hulk sleeping with the Juggernaut.
  • Jen dancing to the tune of Avril Lavigne‘s “Girlfriend”.

Why Silent War #6 rocks:

  • silent war #6Frazer Irving‘s art has an enjoyable dark mood to it. Plus, some of his “camera angles” are amazingly fun to look at.
  • The 2-page spread where the Inhumans do battle with the transmuted marines is wicked. It’s a whole clusterfuck of the ugly and the elegant.
  • Maximus the Mad was set free, and he usurped Black Bolt‘s throne quite magnificently. He also stole Black Bolt’s wife and son for good measure. What an asshole.
  • Black Bolt opening his mouth, leading to a last page that’s totally black. Hell of a cliffhanger.

Why Thunderbolts #115 rocks:

  • thunderbolts #115“I want to bite off their heads and shove my tongue down their neck holes.” – Venom. “Why?” – Songbird. “So I can lick out their hearts.” – Venom.
  • Mike Deodato rendering some awesome fight scenes.
  • Venom biting off Steel Spider‘s left arm, chewing it, then spitting out the metal wrist band thingie. Hardcore.
  • Penance slamming his own head on a brick wall. What an idiot.
  • American Eagle versus Bullseye. Bullseye ends up being crippled and losing his ability to speak. Awesome.

Why X-Factor #20 rocks:

  • x-factor #20Multiple Man‘s version of “300” complete with trash can lids with an “M” painted on it and “HUAH!”. Funny stuff.
  • Layla Miller protecting her catchphrase and confronting Quicksilver on her own, armed only with a voice recorder.
  • Callisto kicking Quicksilver’s balls. That is one wicked low blow.
  • Spontaneous mutant explosion!
  • Monet being the bitchy smart-ass hottie that I love.
  • It’s a nice mixture of action and drama, sprinkled with awesome comebacks and one-liners.

Why X-Men #200 rocks:

  • x-men #200David Finch‘s double gatefold cover kicks so much ass! I am forever indebted to the fine folks at ComicQuest for always saving the more awesome variant covers for me.
  • Ice Man and Mystique doing the nasty. Ice Man, you dog, you.
  • Lady Mastermind and Emma Frost together in one issue. 2 hot blonde chicks who aren’t shy showing some cleavage. Gotta love it.
  • Cable getting his ass handed to him by Gambit and Sunfire.
  • Sunfire looks so bad-ass, it’s not even funny.
  • The Marauders versus the X-Men! Its one huge mutant clusterfuck of Royal Rumble proportions! Although it would have been more fun if Sabretooth was a part of it. Meh.
  • “You don’t shoot my daughter… nobody else can do that for me. *BLAAM!* Mission parameters stand, Marauders. Kill them all!” – Mystique
  • The first part of the Endangered Species set of of back-up stories is fascinating, due to the fact that the desperate Hank McCoy is now asking for help from some of the most sinister villains in the Marvel Universe, all in the attempt to reverse the whole “No more mutants.” dilemma. Now I’m compelled to pick up “Uncanny X-Men” and “New X-Men” to follow the story. Bah.
  • The pin-up gallery is a welcome bonus feature for this landmark issue.

Why X-Men: First Class #1 rocks:

  • x-men: first class #1After reading several continuity-heavy and gloomy comics, this functioned as a cleanser of my geekery palate. It’s just so lighthearted that I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it. Now I want to get the original mini-series that gave birth to this ongoing.
  • Roger Cruz draws some pretty fine women. Mwreowrrr.
  • This is the first time I laughed out loud because of a line from Professor X.
  • Marvel Girl and the Fantastic Four versus THE MAD THINKER AND HIS AWESOME ANDROID! I don’t feel the need to explain.
  • I can’t believe the number of times I chuckled while I was reading this. I heart Jeff Parker. I now officially declare that I have a man-crush on him and his wondrous writing skills.
  • “I could not deprive the world of my brilliance!” – The Mad Thinker. You gotta love that guy.

Ah, that felt good. If there’s one thing that makes me happier than reading my new comics, it’s talking about my new comics. I think I need a smoke.

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