My Top 10 Essential iPod Touch Apps

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My iPod Touch, Molesto, is one of those old iOS devices that only supports firmware up to 3.1.3. This is why I can’t install some of the newer apps. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch of iPod Touch apps that I absolutely love. I install and uninstall apps like it’s my job or something, but there are a few of them that I hold on to because they’re amusing and actually really helpful. My top 10 essential iPod Touch apps, let me show you them.

Momento – Bros, I love documenting my life. I know nothing really interesting happens to me on a daily basis, but still. I like to keep things documented. That’s why I spent a few years keeping a mini-diary using a small planner and later on, blogs. I even did my own Project 365 last year. Now, I document my online activities like Twitter posts, Facebook updates, Flickr uploads and Tumblr blog entries using Momento. It’s like having someone keep tabs on your online shenanigans and curating them in one nifty iPhone app.

Twitter – I have the Tweetdeck app but I don’t use it often. I keep things simple by using the official Twitter app but I usually don’t use it to post tweets. Its most valuable feature for me is its push notifications because it usually notifies me of replies and messages before my desktop app calls my attention.

Facebook – Same with the Twitter app, I use it mostly as a Facebook notification machine. I rarely post anything through it because really, an iPod Touch without a camera is almost useless when it comes to social media posting as far as I’m concerned. No, I don’t like typing on it. My fingers are too fat for the iOS keyboard.

iCollect Movies Pro – I have a pretty extensive collection of DVDs (mostly comic book and zombie movies) and I am very anal about keeping it in order. This requires full tracking of what titles I have and that’s why I have this app. I don’t even know why I do it, but I want to have a clean and clear list of the DVDs in my collection. I’m even considering getting the iCollect Comic Books app.

MobileRSS – I like to browser through my Google Reader feeds while I’m in the crapper so it’s a given that I have an RSS reader on my Molesto. I’ve tried a bunch of RSS reader apps but I chose to keep things simple so I went with this ultra simple RSS reader app.

PayPal – Do you hear that? That’s the sound of dollars trickling in to my PayPal account. Like with the Twitter and Facebook apps, this one serves simply as my notification for new PayPal funds. I wish it would pop up more often.

Keeper Password & Data Vault – I am horrible with passwords. That’s why for most of my accounts, I use the same set of passwords. I only assign unique and long passwords to the really important accounts like those related to money and blog administration. This app helps me keep track of those unique passwords. The only problem I have with it is I have to remember those pesky passwords.

Sidereel – I used to rely on this to let me know when I should check in to TV shows on GetGlue to get nifty GetGlue stickers, but I got tired of that noise. Now this serves as my planner for when I need to illegally download torrents of TV shows. What.

Springpad – I collect my stray thoughts and wacky ideas using my Springpad account. Usually, I use the web interface for this but when I’m not in front of my computer, this app proves really useful — except when I don’t have an Internet connection. In that case, the good ol’ Notes app does the trick.


These are pretty much the iPod Touch apps that will never leave my precious 4-year old Molesto. Unless they decide to stop working with iOS 3.1.3 or I decide that I need to remove some apps to make way for younger and sexier ones.

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  1. I use Momento as well. It's my man-journal. Man five!

    Also, good thing iCollect Movies Pro works fine for you. I tried that before but it was painfully slow on my device.

    1. MAN FIVE! Movies Pro used to be slow on my iTouch too but they made it faster. Also, I had to be patient with it because I didn't want to throw away $3. LOL

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