Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Batman Begins

My Top 10 Comic Book Movies with Ratings by Dr. Doom

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After seeing Captain America: The First Avenger, I realized that I have yet to establish a top 10 list of my favorite comic book movies. I already did a similar list with Coco Collantes and Bim Barbieto via Cinemabuzz, Face Rockery and Comicology, but that was 3 years ago. A lot of comic book movies have already been released since then. Besides, that 3-part list had rankings based on the votes of 3 nerds. I want a list that is completely based on my own flawed taste in films.

My Top 10 Comic Book Movies with Ratings by Dr. Doom

As a big fan of  comic book movies — even the dumbest ones — I had a hard time putting together this list but I managed to do it. Ironically, the movie that inspired me to do this (the aforementioned Cap movie) didn’t make the list. LOL? Do take note that I do not categorize movies based on whether they are good or bad. I categorize movies according to how amusing they are. Which means whichever movie you think will be on top of this list, YOU ARE WRONG. And now, without further ado, here are my top 10 comic book movies with ratings and color commentary courtesy of DOOM.

#10: The Dark Knight

Remember two sentences ago when I told you that no matter which movie you’re thinking of being at the top of this list, you’re wrong? This is what I’m talking about. Even though The Dark Knight features scary awesome performances from most of the lead cast and a plot that may not be perfect but is definitely riveting, it’s too long and too serious for my taste. What say you, Doom?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - The Dark Knight

#9: Batman Begins

As entertaining as the Joker’s shenanigans in The Dark Knight are, I’ll always find this Batman movie origin fascinating. It shows us who Bruce Wayne is and what Batman is all about more than the sequel. Also, the Tumbler car chase scene will always have a place in my heart as one of the best car chase scenes I’ve ever seen. Doctor?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Batman Begins

#8: Thor

I expected the worst from this movie and I’m ashamed to admit it. I’m a Marvel guy and I really wanted to see more Marvel heroes on the big screen but I wasn’t really confident that Thor would translate well on film. I’m glad I was wrong because even with the crazy concept of aliens being the basis of Norse mythology, we still got a fun mixture of government conspiracies, epic battles and Kat Dennings. I still think it’s too shiny, though. How about you, Lord of Latveria?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Thor

#7: Incredible Hulk

We were told that this is Jason Bourne meets Gamma rays and we got exactly that. My boy Edward Norton gave us a Bruce Banner that is as dangerous as the big green guy himself. Also, I can watch that HULK SMASH scene over and over again until my DVD melts. My liege?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Incredible Hulk

#6: V for Vendetta

Ah, yes. Political intrigue, violence, anarchy, explosions and a dash of poetry. What’s not to like? I mean, Hugo Weaving’s flawless voice acting alone gives me reason to watch this movie at least once every year, preferably on the fifth of November. I’m not kidding. I actually watch this every year on November 5th. That’s how much I love it. Victor?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - V for Vendetta

#5: Spider-Man

I just have to say that while most people despise the 3rd movie, I liked it. Because I like mindless comic book violence like I like getting a sensual massage from a hot Asian chick. Both the beautiful mess that is Spider-Man 3 and the critically superior film Spider-Man 2 will always take a back seat to the first movie as far as I’m concerned. It’s the most faithful adaptation of a Marvel character outside Marvel Studios movies and I’m confident that I will like it more than the upcoming Spider-Man movie reboot. Deal with it. You agree, your highness?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Spider-Man

#4: Iron Man

I can’t think of anything to hate about Iron Man. I had my doubts with RDJ but when I saw it, I realized I was wrong to doubt him. The entire movie screams fun even with a slightly disappointing final battle with the boring main villain. Iron Man 2 is not on this list because it’s essentially the same as the first one. But with more explosions and ScarJo boob shots. Amirite, Doombro?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Iron Man

#3: X-Men

I’m an X-Men fan. That’s all you need to know to understand why this movie ranks high in this list. Clear enough, Doc?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - X-Men

#2: X-Men: First Class

What’s better than a movie about the X-Men? A movie about the origin of the X-Men. Also, seeing the beginning of the long and complicated relationship of Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr is enough to make my vagina wet and I don’t even have a vagina. The only thing that irks me about this movie is January Jones. Girl is hot but she just can’t act. And let’s not talk about the problematic movie continuity of the Emma Frost character. Mr. Von Doom?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - X-Men: First Class

#1: X2: X-Men United

I have a confession. I can easily interchange X-Men United and The Last Stand in this list because like I said with the Spider-Man movies, I’m a sucker for big, loud and dumb comic book movies. Today, however, I chose to be a fan of the X-Men rather than being a fan of mindless comic book movies. So today, an epic clash between humans and mutants trumps a messy menagerie of mutant mayhem. Today and every other day, my love for the X-Men trumps EVERYTHING. What’s your verdict, Victor my man?

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - X2: X-Men United



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