My Future Has Been Adjusted

The Adjustment Bureau

Saw this exactly one year ago today. Appropriately enough, it was the day my future, my fate, and my world were adjusted like never before. It was my first date with Maggie.

I still remember some of the curses I mumbled as I drove to Makati because I hate Makati. But I had to pick her up.

I still remember the first time I saw her along Valero. Angels sang and everything was in slow motion, that kind of thing. It was the moment I stopped hating Makati a bit.

I still remember her smile and her tendency to make any place brighter. We were outside in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny summer day and she still managed to make everything look brighter. She sets the world on fire.

I still remember us awkwardly talking about stuff while eating. I remember how the conversation got a little bit more comfortable after a couple of beers. We talked about people from the Internet. We talked about our families. We talked about ourselves. And girls walking by who look like prostitutes.

I still remember the first time her skin touched mine. Like a true socially awkward man child, I almost froze in fear and delight.

I still remember how we were blown away by The Adjustment Bureau because really, we expected the typical people-chasing-other-people movie. We didn’t expect two people fighting their fates, giving the future the finger, and basically sticking it to The Man with the Plan while wearing fancy clothes.

I still remember how it started to rain. How it felt right driving her home. Well, near her home. Touchdown Malabon #1.

I still remember how happy I was that day. I still am.

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  • Juancho

    I give this post 10 D'aaaaaws and two slabs of the finest cheese.

    • baddie

      Thank you, sir. *classy bow*