My Annoying Short Posts From 2007

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Back in 2007, I used to post bite-sized entries on this blog. Then Twitter came along, so that was that. I’m cleaning up this blog’s categories and tags today and I’ve decided to just collect all of those mini-posts into one useless mega post. For posterity, of course. And here they are with my apologies.

Cast Aside | 01.30.07

Because full articles just aren’t enough.

Stiff Nips | 01.31.07

So, so, soooo cold. It’s colder outside than it is inside the air-conditioned building! I’m expecting snow any minute now.

Friday I’m in Lurv | 02.09.07

I don’t care if Monday’s blue. Tuesday’s gray, and Wednesday too. Thursday, I don’t care ’bout you. It’s Friday, I’m in lurv.

It Pours | 02.15.07

When it rains, it pours. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna buy me a pint of mango ice cream I’ll devour while I cry in the shower before crying myself to sleep. Kthxbai.

Blue Fish | 02.19.07

After more than 2 weeks since applying, Baddieverse has finally been accepted into the Blue Fish Network! Hooray for acceptance!

Search for Bakekang | 02.26.07

What does is it say about this blog if the top search string for it is “Bakekang”? Damn kids.

Horse for Heroes | 03.19.07

Last night, I ditched the 2nd episode of Heroes on RPN 9 for 2 bottles of Red Horse in UPLB. Good deal.

Brainwashed | 03.30.07

Good to know that someone can make sense out of the things I say. Groovy.

Yay for Backpay! | 04.14.07

Can I just say “Hooray for backpay!!!”? OK. Hooray for backpay!!! Thank you, CVG! You’re welcome, Baddie’s Beer Fund!

Ready for Battle! | 04.16.07

Out of the blue, I’ve been challenged to participate in a Videoke Battle somewhere in Shaw. Fools! My rendition of “Hiram” shall dominate! Go for 100!

Spid3r-Man 3 | 05.03.07

Spid3r-Man 3 is t3h aw3som3! Lov3 t3h t3am-ups! Also, Gw3n Stacy’s fat.

Big City Redux | 05.09.07

It is imminent. Baddie is going back to the big city in a matter of days. Goodbye, 2-hour SLEX commute! Hello, smog!

Wow, that was a painful read. It makes me sad that these posts were made just 4 years ago. I hope I’ve matured since then because man, these are annoying.

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