My 15 Favorite Moments in Conan’s First Week

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Today, Conan O’Brien finishes his second week on his new TBS show Conan. That’s why it’s time to take a look at his first week. I know it doesn’t make sense, but hey, it’s the Internet. Anyhoo, so far, I like what I’m seeing.  Somehow, “Conan” feels like a marriage between The Tonight Show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Everything feels bigger and more prestigious, plus he has a wider audience now, which Conan had in his short Tonight Show run. But things are more relaxed and, well, very Conan-y. The main thing I love about Conan is his self-deprecating humor, and now that he’s on basic cable, which is more or less a demotion for someone who just came from network TV, he is seemingly once again the underdog. This means self-deprecation-based hilarity galore! I may have mourned the passing of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, but I didn’t think for a second that it was the end of the road for Conan and his trusted sidekick, Andy Richter. With that said, I think Conan’s first week back was awesome. Not groundbreaking, but awesome nonetheless. Here are my 15 favorite moments from his first week:

Conan’s cold open.

It wasn’t as epic as his cold open for the Tonight Show, but it was still pretty hilarious. From his interview with Don Draper to his enlightening conversation with his guardian angel Larry King, it was a satisfying taste of things to come. Also, he made fun of his deal with TBS, which indicates that fans of his self-deprecating humor will not be disappointed.

Hey, it’s that guy from Twitter!

The best part of any of Conan’s shows will always be his monologue. The way he acts things out sets him apart from his late night brethren. I liked how he made fun of Internet nerds and then acknowledged that they were the ones who kept him from committing suicide or whatever.

Conan mooning Andy.

Conan’s new set doesn’t really break new grounds. It looks a lot like his Tonight Show set. But there’s a moon and IT FRICKIN’ MOVES. It’s the dumbest thing ever and that’s why I love it.

It’s the attack of the Conans OMG!

This segment was pretty hilarious but what really made me LOL was Andy letting everyone know that the mask is very authentic because inside, it smells like tears. Anyone who has been following Conan’s journey ever since he was booted out of the Tonight Show would understand that the last 10 months were indeed a little harsh on our milky ginger hero.

Conan and Jack.

Conan jammed with Jack White and it was an awesome sight to see. I’m not really a big fan of Jack White, but seeing Conan once again picking up the axe to end the show reminds everyone that he’s here to have a good time.

A lock of ginger beard.

Someone from the audience asked for a lock of Conan’s hair from his beard. Coco didn’t actually cut his beard, but he did take some strands and gave it to a few people. I hope he doesn’t get rid of his beard because it gives him a look that says “FUCK YOU, LENO AND NBC! I’M FUNNY AND I RULE! SUCK MY BEARD!” or something.

Tom Hanks got wet because of a whale.

As soon as Tom Hanks and Conan started talking about the ocean backdrop behind Conan’s desk, I knew they were going to pull a stunt like what they did in the 2nd night of Conan’s Tonight Show run. You know, the bit where they hit Hanks with a meteor that looked like a giant potato? Catapulting water on a Hollywood god like Hanks should inspire other celebrities to also do stupid stunts on Conan. It’s just the right thing to do.

Conan and the Standards and Practices Guy.

I was pretty much laughing throughout this entire segment as Conan asks his show’s Standards & Practices guy what he can and can’t say on TV. I love bits where Conan talks to regular people and makes fun of them.


Apparently, this is Soundgarden’s first TV appearance in more than a decade. Conan rarely disappoints me with his musical guests, and this is pretty much a long way from being disappointing.

Two bros, one Conan.

Conan hugs two dudes from the audience at the same time and makes fun of one of them afterwards. There’s no barrier between Conan and his audience in his new set and that spells an unlimited number of hilarious audience interactions in the future.


I don’t know about you guys, but when they were still in the Tonight Show, the interaction between Conan and Andy always felt forced and awkward. Now, their banter feels more natural and they seem to be having a lot of fun just talking to each other. Andy seems to be a lot funnier now too. Weird.


Will Forte, man. He’s a funny guy. I actually thought Ted Turner would be appearing on the show to talk to Conan, but we got Will Forte riding a stuffed buffalo. This is, by far, the best skit I’ve seen on the show.

Basic cable stars welcome Conan to basic cable.

The last night of Conan’s first week on TBS was probably the most Conan-y show of the week. First of all, Bruce Jenner from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a hoarder from Hoarders and the King Crabs from Deadliest Catch all welcomed Conan to the wonderful world of basic cable. The random stupid things didn’t stop there, though.

Local News Round-Up with Conan and Andy.

Whatever doubt I had about Conan triumphantly going back to his throne of self-deprecation and random stupid things died when Conan and Andy performed this skit. It’s just like watching two friends goofing around and having fun. Andy wearing green, which made him blend in with the green screen background, alone was funny already. And the LOLs didn’t stop there.

Michael Cera and Julie Bowen.

The best combo of guests for the week would have to be Michael Cera and Julie Bowen. Cera’s interview with Conan was already entertaining, thanks to his tale of chasing a cab, but things got a whole lot better when Julie Bowen came out. She’s hot and funny, plus I love how she calls her twins Fat Cute One and Smart Skinny One. It was a great way to end Conan’s first week and it was a great week to start a new era of Conan-ness.



  1. OHLOL I laughed so hard when Julie Bowen said, so fattie was inside the dryer. She sort of reminds me of Helga haha

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