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OK, I give up. I tried it weekly. I tried it monthly. It’s just a hassle forcing myself into reviewing comics on a regular schedule. So to my self-imposed system of blogging about new comic releases, I say fuck you. I’m winging it from now on. Blogging shouldn’t feel like work. It should be fun, especially if it’s about comic books. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a few notes on storylines that ended/started during the last month:

Messiah Complex (X-Men #206 & 207, Uncanny X-Men #494, X-Factor #27, and New X-Men #46): It’s not perfect, but holy crap, it was awesome! The final stretch of the X-Event was filled with satisfying plot twists and turns that I haven’t seen in the X-Books since… well, never. I wouldn’t mind if it lasted for a couple more months, but it’s best to exit the stage when the audience is still clapping, right? And I’m clapping very, very hard. I only wish the last two chapters weren’t drawn by Ramos and Bachalo. Well, Bachalo’s sorta OK. But Ramos? I’m glad he won’t be involved in any of the books I’m following right now. Anyway, I’m looking forward to what’s next for the mutants. I haven’t been this excited about the X-Universe since the Age of Apocalypse.

The Wild Wests (Flash #235 & 236): I’m torn with this one. On one hand, I love the dynamic of the West family. They’re fun to read. I was expecting to hate the kids, but I eventually warmed up to them. The art is pretty solid too. On the other hand, though, I hate the villains of the story. I’m kinda tired of the invading aliens scenario in comics (but I’m going to give Secret Invasion a shot). It was cool to find out that the backup story’s directly linked to the main one, though. All in all, I tried my best to love the Flash and his family, but I just ended up liking them. And I’m not willing to give it another try right now, especially when Mark Waid has left the book. Boo.

Titans of Tomorrow… Today (Teen Titans #54): If I were still in high school, or maybe even college, I’d probably stick to this book until they cancel it. I mean, hot girls in sexy costumes? Super-powered brawls over practically nothing? Blue Beetle being funny as hell? I’d eat it all up. But that’s not how I roll anymore. Maybe I haven’t given the book enough time to grow on me. I mean, this is only my first Teen Titans story arc. But in this era of numerous kick-ass comics with engaging stories and awesome art, you have to be picky if you don’t want to grow old poor. And this arc didn’t really do it for me. Sorry, Titans. Maybe I’ll check you out every now and then, but not on a regular basis.

Brand New Day (Amazing Spider-Man #546, 547 & 548): I have to admit, the first month of Spider-Man’s new era caught my attention. I love the old school feel with a modern twist. Dan Slott delivered an engaging story, although there were times I felt it was going a little too slow for my taste. Steve McNiven was equally responsible in luring me into Spidey’s world. The art is just so pretty and clean. Also, I’m terribly enjoying Steve Wacker’s letters column shenanigans. I initially planned on just getting the first month of BND, but I’m just too enamored with this Spider-Reboot that I’ll probably be back for the second month. And from there, I’ll see if I’ll be adding this to my pull list.

Hunter/Hunted (Punisher War Journal #15): It’s funny. It’s action-packed. And did I mention it’s funny? I believe this is the first time I found Frank Castle funny other than that one time when he visited Riverdale. But it’s not just the Punisher who shined in this arc. Spider-Man contributed too, and so did the psycho Kraven Jr. and the surprisingly charming Rhino. Props to Matt Fraction for making something that would’ve easily been a stupid story into a highly entertaining piece of vigilante awesomeness.

And now for the rest of the comics I got in the last five weeks, with short comments. Heh.

Annihilation: Conquest #3: I just can’t get enough of Star-Lord and his wacky crew. I just can’t!

Astonishing X-Men #24: I’m sad that Whedon’s run is over, and I’m pissed that it won’t be over until Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men #1! When the hell’s that coming out?! Pff.

Avengers: The Initiative #8 & 9: I can’t express in words how much I love this book, especially now that Douchebag Ant-Man has joined the crew. That Fight of the Giants in #8 was solid gold!

The Brave and the Bold #9: Boy Commandos? Dial H for Hero? WTF?!

Captain America #33 & 34: This title has left me a little cold in the last few months, but the start of Bucky’s run as the new Captain America is giving me the chills, man. The chills!

Green Lantern #26 & 27: I’m sooo into Green Lantern lore right now. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying the introduction of the Alpha Lanterns more than I really should.

The Immortal Iron Fist #12: The Prince of Orphans just smacked Steel Phoenix in the face with the Jawsnapper in Twilight. God I love this comic.

Marvel Zombies 2 #3 & 4: When you see a really old dude being kissed in the lips by a really gross zombie Wasp, you know you’re reading a fucked up book. I love it.

Mighty Avengers #6: Thus ends Bendis’ run on my pull list. I dropped New Avengers several months ago, and this is my last Mighty Avengers issue. I might change my mind once Secret Invasion starts, though.

The Order #7: NAMOR! ‘Nuff said.

She-Hulk #25: Main story’s kinda meh, but I enjoyed the backups, especially the one featuring the Man-Elephant.

Thor #5: I knew Loki would eventually return, but this caught me off guard. I want to see where Straczynski’s taking this.

Thunderbolts #118: Venom’s out of control, the Green Goblin’s coming out, and the Swordsman’s taking over! God I hate the delays on this book.

The Ultimates #2: Mmmm… pretty pictures. And that’s all I have to say about this book.

Wonder Woman #16: Diana and her army of gorilla knights take on an army of souped up Nazis. I love you, Gail Simone!

X-Men: First Class #7 & 8: Jeff Parker never ceases to entertain. Fo’ shiz.

Well, that’s that. From this point onwards, you’ll see new comics reviews on this blog in a random fashion. It’s so random, it’ll be like a ninja coming out of the shadows to rock your face! What?

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