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I tried this reviewing-comics-every-week gig, first with Weekly Haul, and then New Comics Yay!, but it just doesn’t stick with me. I know I’m passionate enough about reading comics, but blogging about it is an entirely different thing. With the real world usually foiling my plans of writing comic book reviews every week, I’ve decided to stop. But not completely. I’ll try doing this on a monthly basis. I still believe that by reviewing comics, I’ll somehow save the world. Hasn’t happened yet, but at least I’ve inspired people. I think. Anyhoo, let’s do this!


Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar #4: This mini started out OK, sort of got bland in the middle, but somehow got back to being just OK in this last issue. Lesbian chick with a huge sword riding her lesbian dragon lover fighting a bunch of space robots and the freakin’ Super-Adaptoid? That will always save a mini-series from total sucktitude. Plus: Adam Warlock!

Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord #4: The best A:C mini has concluded, and it’s perfection. Really. A bunch of second string characters, including a talking raccoon, kicking ass on every turn. Keith Giffen doing solid work on plot twists and humor. Timothy Green bringing the awesome in the art department. I guess there’s only one more thing left to say: I WANT MORE STARLORD AND HIS MERRY BAND OF MISFITS!!!

Annihilation: Conquest #1: Good start for the sequel to Annihilation. It’s not as big and loud as its predecessor, but it’s still an engaging read. Love Tom Raney’s art. It has that Billy Tan shiny vibe that I sorta hate, but it’s not as repulsive. I hope to see a lot of Starlord and his crew next issue, though.

What If? Annihilation: What if Annihilation reached Earth? Two words: Total Kickassery. First of all, I love Nova’s reaction to the whole Civil War thing. And I love how Annihilation, Silent War, and Civil War seamlessly flowed into one coherent event. The art is ridiculously detailed, I couldn’t help but stare at every page. And the splash page at the end? Frickin’ awesome. I mean, come on. Nova, Captain America, and Iron Man charging towards Annihilus’ forces for the final battle in Attilan. It reminds me of the last episode of Angel. /geekgasm


Captain America #32: Seriously. How awesome is Bucky? He kicked all sorts of ass while he was restrained by straps made out of Adamantium mesh. Only to be punk’d by that sexy screwed up Agent 13. It’s an improvement to last issue’s mediocrity, but I’m still waiting for the proverbial shit to really hit the proverbial fan.

The Immortal Iron Fist #10: Another Brubaker book (this one co-written by Matt Fraction) with its title character absent. And just like with “Captain America”, it still works. Especially when a hot goth chick releases thousands of black spiders from her boobies.

The Order #4: I am crushing on Veda right now. She’s hot and she’s a humanitarian who wants to save the world. Also, she’s rich. And did I mention she can summon stone golems to do her dirty work? And by “do her dirty work”, I mean “fight zombie hobos”. I think it’s safe to say that the Order are the best “new” Marvel characters since the Runaways.

Punisher War Journal #13: Just when I thought this book can’t get any better, it does. It became clear to me when I saw the panel where Frank shot some dude in the face like it was nothing. It just gets better from there. A triple threat match between Frank, Rhino, and the funniest Spider-Man I’ve seen in a long while! And then the awesome meter went from Totally Awesome to Ridiculously Awesome when Kraven the Hunter v2.0 got involved. This is the most entertaining issue of PWJ so far, and I frickin’ love it.


The Incredible Hulk #111: I’m kinda sad seeing the Renegades disbanding. Amadeus and Hercules will be sticking around (they’ll be taking over this title starting next issue), but it wouldn’t be the same without Angel and Namora. As much as I loved the “Warbound” arc, I don’t think I’d like to invest more geeky time on just Amadeus and Hercules. Unless Amadeus will become ZOMADEUS again.

She-Hulk #23: I am officially hooked. Whatever doubts I have for Peter David’s She-Hulk run are all gone now. The last page reveal was a total “It never crossed my mind, but it should have!” moment for me. And I never thought a fight between She-Hulk and the Absorbing Man could be so charming and fun. And speaking of fun fights…

World War Hulk #5: It’s the main event of 2007! It’s the dude with the power of a million exploding suns vs. the Worldbreaker! It’s Sentry vs. the Hulk! A two-man wrecking crew that laid waste to Manhattan, New York. The fight was so awesome, it almost ended the world. Unfortunately, I saw the big reveal about what really happened back in Sakaar from a mile away. But no biggie. WWH was still an awesome ride. Also, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading sound effects. Strange thing to say, but true.


The Brave and the Bold #8: Once again, Mark Waid and George Perez rocks my face! This time, it’s a tale featuring the Flash, his family, the Doom Patrol, and… Metamorpho? But seriously, I had fun reading this, given the fact that this is the first time I’ve read a comic book starring the Doom Patrol. I think I like them. It’s not all fun and games, though. The Flash choosing which offspring he’d prefer to save is a little too depressing for a generally “happy” series.

The Flash #234: Not sure whether I’ll be sticking with this after “The Wild Wests”. I like the family dynamics and all, but that’s just not the reason why I’m reading comics. The backup art’s pretty, though.

Justice Society of America #10: Not what I expected from this issue, but it’s still a geekgasm-inducing read with all the Kingdom Come references. And what’s up Dale Eaglesham? Is it me, or is his art not as awesome as it was in the first few issues?

Wonder Woman #14: I thought long and hard whether I’d pick this up or not after getting burned with the first few issues of the relaunched series. I wouldn’t have stayed after the first issue if it wasn’t for the lovely Dodson art. But I’m glad I picked up this issue. My girl Gail Simone is having an awesome start. This issue, Diana fights. In the next, she’ll be dealing with Nazis. Like I said, awesome start.


X-Men: Messiah CompleX: It was an X-Men crossover event (Age of Apocalypse) that got me hooked on comics, so it’s only natural for me to gravitate towards this new mutant free-for-all. I didn’t really expect much from this first chapter of the crossover, but I was surprisingly pumped up about the rest of the chapters. Also, I’m a sucker for Marc Silvestri’s art.

Uncanny X-Men #492: Chapter 2 and it’s already getting very interesting. I love the new Xavier-Cyclops dynamic. I feel bad for the bald dude, though. And I don’t know why, but Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Angel, and Colossus hunting the Acolytes is giving me a burst of nostalgia.

X-Factor #25: When I saw Layla’s Hello Kitty umbrella, I snickered. That’s a clear confirmation that I love this book and I’m going to marry it someday. It’s amazing to see how the main characters of the book still get to shine while a considerable amount of the issue’s space has been taken over by the rest of the X-Teams. I get the feeling that this crossover will work. Yay!

New X-Men #44: So I added this to my pull list just because I want to have the complete Messiah CompleX saga. Cover looks amazing. We still get to see what the rest of the mutants are up to. Rictor’s story seamlessly ties into the New X-Men’s. New players enter the fold without utterly complicating things. S’all good, right? Not exactly. Two words: Humberto Ramos. Ugh.


Astonishing X-Men #23: Just as I’m about to lose hope in this Whedon-Cassaday juggernaut, they reeled me back in with this fantastic geekgasm-inducing issue. First of all, that cunning job the X-Men pulled on Kruun was priceless! Wolverine disses Excalibur, or as he would like to call them, “Excalisuck”. Finally, Cyclops optic blasts Kruun like hell, and then he delivers the most geekgasm-inducing line of the month: “To me, my X-Men.”

Avengers: The Initiative #7: I never saw it coming. The truth about the Scarlet Spiders is one of the best reveals I’ve seen in recent years. It’s just brilliant. Also, now we know why they’re calling this issue a very important part of the Spider-Man saga. It’s a bit of a cheat, really. But it makes sense.

The New Avengers: Illuminati #5: I want to see more of Jim Cheung’s art. I want to see him in a monthly series. Humberto Ramos is jumping from one monthly to another, and Jim Cheung’s doing covers and minis? Come on, Marvel. Chop chop! Anyhoo, this was a fun mini-series. I may not be totally into this whole Skrull business, but after reading this issue, I think I might check out Secret Invasion.

Super-Villain Team-Up: Modok’s 11 #5: Another mini-series that ended with a satisfying bang. So as it turns out, the bottom line of these super-villain shenanigans is Modok wants to take revenge on her ex-girlfriend. Genius. The art is probably one of the best I’ve seen all year. Kudos to Francis Portella and Fred Van Lente for an awesome mini. ALL HAIL M.O.D.O.K.!

Thor #4: I’m still in love with Olivier Coipel’s art, but if the story doesn’t pick up in the next couple of issues, I’m dropping this. So far, the epic feel of the book is still working for me, but I’m a fickle summbitch so I truly hope the next issue will be stellar.

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