Monster Tribute Week: Zombies

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It’s that time of the year again. People dress up like spooks, ghouls and dead celebrities. They get drunk and act like fools. It’s Halloween, y’all! This year, I think it’s time that we pay tribute to the monsters that inspire those of us who aren’t creative enough to come up with unique costumes.

We all know that theses days, the best way to know if someone is special is when fat socially inept bloggers blog about them. So, as a responsible fat socially inept blogger, I’m going to dedicate this week to the monsters who have profoundly touched our lives and expertly haunted our dreams. Welcome to Monster Tribute Week! Let’s start with the lovable shambling undead: ZOMBIES!


A toast to the walking dead! Your taste for flesh illuminates my life. During cold and lonely nights, I turn to apocalyptic movies that feature your endless hunger for brains and your soothing groans.

Seeing your decaying bodies slowly moving across the screen, trying to devour scared and confused humans, is just something that makes me love the art of moving pictures.

I would not choose to join your ranks when the inevitable zombie apocalypse finally comes, but I promise to give you the proper respect that you deserve. By that I mean I’m going to run like hell.

To the zombie horde! Our future undead overlords!

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  1. I'm a few minutes away from finishing The Zombie Survival Guide. I am more equipped to face the apocalypse than most of you. Yun lang.

  2. @Pau: You won't leave me behind, right? Friend?

    @Alex: Cool beans. Thanks! Also, I watch zombie movies to condition my mind so I won't get too shocked when they come.

  3. Are classic or new zombie movies the better option? The classic flicks have the benefit of being original for their time and laying down some of the "zombie rules", but the new movies have features and special effects that the early movies would kill (and eat brains!) for.

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