Monster Tribute Week: Werewolves

Gino Carteciano Monster Tribute Week, Movies 3 Comments

It’s a scientific fact that werewolves are awesome, so for the 2nd day of Monster Tribute Week, I’m paying tribute to these marvelous beacons of righteousness.


A toast to lycanthropes! You being hairy and awesome at the same time is an inspiration to those of us who are hairy and yearning to be awesome someday. Ever since my body started to change during puberty, you became my source of hope for awesomeness.

Able to transform from human to wolf, you are also symbols of change. You empower me with the reality that I am not a robot! I am not a two-dimensional  cartoon character! I am real!

The fact that silver bullets can hurt you shows me that I can relate to you. You have wants, needs and weaknesses too. You bleed. You’re just like us normal humans. Except you can probably tear apart bears in seconds.

To the lycan legion! I howl at the moon in your honor!

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