the munsters

Monster Tribute Week: The Munsters

Gino Carteciano Monster Tribute Week, TV 0 Comments

To end Monster Tribute Week, I shall tap into my childhood TV viewing habits.

the munsters

A toast to Herman, Lily, Eddie, Marilyn and Grandpa! Before the Simpsons, you were my favorite TV family. Actually, I like you more than those eccentric goths, the Addams.

You showed me that even the strangest (and maybe even the supernatural-est) families can live normal lives.

You gave me the dream of someday owning a pet fire-breathing dragon. Also, a best friend who is a skeleton from the middle ages. Also, a lab assistant who is a Transylvanian bat named Igor. Also, an uncle who is a rich werewolf.

To the most awesome family next to the Simpsons! I owe my strange taste in entertainment to you!

And that’s the end of Monster Tribute Week! I hope the next time you see an idiot dressed as Hobo Dracula from the Future, you’d spend a moment in silence as a sign of respect for monsters. It is their inspirational aura that produced that idiot.

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