dead japanese freaks

Monster Tribute Week: Dead Japanese Freaks

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It’s the “hump day” edition of Monster Tribute Week. Speaking of “hump”, the first thing that comes to mind whenever I hear that word is “Japan”. Or to be more accurate, “Japorno”. Moving on…

dead japanese freaks

A toast to Japanese horror spooks! You are responsible for the terror in my heart that keeps me alert at all times, especially during my shower time. You have made me aware of my surroundings, not to mention jumpy when it’s dark and quiet.

I have never really seen how scary you are because I close my eyes during the scary scenes in horror movies, but still, I have a wild imagination. That’s one more thing I owe you. You keep my imagination active. You remind me of beer that way, and I love beer.

I don’t remember most of the Japanese horror flicks I have seen, but I know deep in my heart that I enjoyed the dark atmosphere and the creepy awkward silences. You are the perfect company during rainy nights.

To the mind-fuckery that Japanese horror flicks bring! A great reason to love Japan, much like giant robots and tentacle porn!

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