Marvel Collector Corps Hulkbuster

Welcome to the Marvel Collector Corps!

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When the Marvel Collector Corps geek box subscription service was announced back in January 2015, everyone lost their minds. One of the currently most popular names in collectibles, Funko, and pop culture giant Marvel have joined forces to deliver a subscription service just in time for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Everyone was excited and rightfully so because we just got a box of nifty Marvel things!

Marvel Collector Corps

The first thing you’ll see after you open the beautiful box is a patch and a pin. These are exclusive accessories and they’re just the first two things in this box that you can only get from subscribing to the service. It’s a perfect introduction to a subscription box service that promises all-new, all-different exclusives all the time.

Before we get to the rest of the good stuff, let me just point out my only complaint about this inaugural box:

Marvel Collector Corps Guardians Team-Up #1 variant

The Guardians Team-Up #1 comic with variant cover by Nick Bradshaw is cool and all, especially since it’s a Marvel Collector Corps exclusive, but there’s no protection. No bag, no board. Nothing. I know the Collector Corps box is thick enough to protect the comic while in transit, but come on, man. This is an exclusive comic aimed at COLLECTORS. If Loot Crate can protect their comic variants with a bag and a flimsy board, surely the geek box that comes directly from the comic’s publisher can do better in keeping their exclusive comics in the best condition possible until they reach subscribers.

As for the comic itself, it’s alright. It’s nothing to get excited about but it’s a neat team-up book I assume is geared more towards new readers coming in from the movies. And now for the really good stuff.

Marvel Collector Corps Ultron Dorbz

This is the adorable Ultron Dorbz Collector Corps exclusive. This is my first Dorbz figure so I have no point of comparison. All I can say is it’s adorable and the line might be worth collecting someday if more properties outside Marvel, DC, and Disney get involved.

Marvel Collector Corps Iron Man and Ultron shirt

I like how this shirt, which comes in 4 designs, takes images and concepts from the comics instead of the movies. Ultron looks way better in the comics and along with classic Iron Man, their images work great with the grungy, vintage look of the shirt. I got the XL size and it’s a bit large for me, so maybe I’ll go for the L size next time.

Marvel Collector Corps Hulkbuster

When the Marvel Collector Corps service was first announce, I was still under the impression that the Hulkbuster Pop! vinyl figure would be available for wide release. Shortly after the release, it was confirmed that Hulkbuster is actually exclusive to the box and that just turned the subscription service even more desirable. It’s a smart move by Funko and Marvel because this 6-inch beast is a beauty.

Hulkbuster is heavier than most 6-inch Pop! vinyl figures and unlike those other super-sized figures, this one doesn’t just look like a bigger version of a regular sized Pop. It’s in the scale of a regular sized Pop and it has the biggest Pop body ever. It’s a unique figure and that’s why everyone, even people who don’t collect Pop vinyls, want one.

With all of these exclusives for only $25, I would say it’s a very good start for the Marvel Collector Corps. There’s room for improvement, but so far, this is one of the better geek subscription boxes out there. The next box’s theme is Ant-Man and with Ant-Man and Yellowjacket Pop! vinyl figures being available at retail stores, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of exclusives we’ll get next.

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