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love and war

For a week that features several Civil War tie-ins, “war” is not very apparent with my comic book geek life this week. Apart from the lovefest inside the comics I read this week (more on that later), I also joined the brand new social networking site for comic book fans. I’m talking about ComicSpace. It’s far from being a clone of Friendster or MySpace. And that’s a compliment.

I find ComicSpace actually useful in being a comic book fan. Before joining this network, the only sense of community I get from the comic book crowd is in my local comic shop and in the Newsarama forums. In the shop, I get to discuss what’s new and what’s coming up with the clerks. In the forums, I get to discuss comics and comics creators. In ComicSpace, I actually get to know more about other fans. It’s also becoming a great medium for advertising if you’re a comic creator, a comic shop owner, or a blogger. I’m surprised to get a lot of “friend requests” from total strangers from all over the world. I’m even more surprised because they are all very nice and friendly even if they’re not promoting their stuff.

In its first few weeks of existence, it has already attracted the attention of a big chunk of the comic book industry. Give it more time to grow and add more features, I think it’s going to be huge. If you’re a comic book fan, I suggest you join in on the fun.

And now, for this week’s haul full of holiday lovin’:

52 #33 52 #33: If there’s a “filler” issue in this whole series so far, I’d have to say that this issue is it. There are some interesting developments like the Black Marvel Family trying to please the rest of the world by showing how “human” they are, the introduction of the new Suicide Squad, and the girl-on-girl action between Renee Montoya and Kate Kane (a.k.a. Batwoman). It wasn’t even that hot. The rest of the issue just shows us how various characters celebrate the holidays. The title of this issue is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, but it’s far from being the most wonderful issue. I love the cover though. Batwoman should always be on the cover, methinks.

I give this 2 out of 5 lesbian kisses.

agents of atlas #5

Agents of Atlas #5: I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this issue for two weeks now. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it since it’s always one of the first comics to sell out at my local comic shop. I’m still begging for them to find me a copy of #3. Grrr. This is the penultimate chapter in the mini-series, and things get really interesting as the team fights its own civil war. And what saves the day? Love. Venus, who’s not really the goddess from mythology as revealed in this issue, takes the spotlight here and gives everybody some lovin’. As usual, great characterization from Jeff Parker. I would love for this book to be an ongoing series. It would totally rock! I know I’ve said in my previous entry that X-Factor is my favorite title on my pull list, but I take it back. This is my favorite. I now declare it my own personal book of the year! Yay!

I give this 5 out of 5 unearthly women.

civil war: war crimes Civil War: War Crimes #1: This one shot is very self-contained. You don’t have to read the other Civil War tie-ins or the main book itself to appreciate it. And appreciate it I very much do. I’ve never thought that the Kingpin can be so badass. I can also relate to him because I’m also a fatass. I’ve always been a fan of stories about organized crime. This story gives me one more reason to love the genre. It features Iron Man and Captain America, but the undeniable star here is Wilson Fisk, the aforementioned Kingpin of Crime. Even one of his henchmen is interesting. The only gripe I have about this book is how it portrays Iron Man. He acts almost like a villain here. Someone you would love to hate. A huge douche bag. I frown upon how he was written here because in this whole Civil War thing, I’m with Iron Man. But just this once, I’m with the Kingpin.

I give this 4 out of 5 D-list supervillains.

iron man / captain america: casualties of war Iron Man / Captain America: Casualties of War #1: Like I mentioned earlier, in Civil War, I’m with Iron Man. That’s why I got this cover instead of the other one that shows Captain America beating Iron Man’s iron ass. This one shot is all about the relationship between the two leaders of the two superhero factions in Civil War. It shows not only their history, but also their views on the Superhuman Registration Act. Both sides get to explain themselves and it’s a good read of you like discussing Civil War with your geek friends. It’s also fascinating to see how strong the bond is between the two heroes and how painful it is for them to stand on opposite sides in this superhero civil war. It’s heartbreaking to see two people who love (not that kind of love) each other fight like this. Friend versus friend. Brother against brother. That’s why I love Civil War.

I give this 3 out 5 flashbacks.

ms. marvel #10Ms. Marvel #10: You would think two hot blondes having a catfight would be amusing. Even if they’re the same person. Rogue gets in on the action too, but only for a while since Ms. Marvel broke her ribs and all. I guess Ms. Marvel won’t be welcome in the X-Mansion anytime soon. I do hope Rogue kicks her ass next time they meet. I gave this title a try last month and followed it through this month, and I am not satisfied. Maybe it’s the alternate reality thing or the emo vibe I’m getting. I don’t know. I’ll give this title one more month before I decide to keep it in my pull list or drop it. The pictures are nice though. Mike Wieringo’s action scenes are nice, and his women are hot. I wish he can do more issues. But I think the cover’s boring.

I give this 2 out of 5 Carol Danverses.

new avengers #26New Avengers #26: I think I’m getting tired of Brian Michael Bendis’ “decompressed” style of writing. This issue felt like a backup story. But it’s a nice backup story. It features the return of Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. Actually, Hawkeye already made his return last year in House of M, but he’s been missing in action since then. Well, at least as far as I’m concerned. This issue shows what he’s been up to. Apparently, he’s been banging Scarlet Witch, the chick who killed him. Twice. I’m still very much confused on what’s actually happening. Good thing Alex Maleev’s art is awesome. His Scarlet Witch is smokin’! Hot cover too. So far, I’m still enjoying this whole “New Avengers: Disassembled” thing, but I’m itching for it to go back into being a team book.

I give this 3 out of 5 crazy hot chicks.

new avengers: illuminati #1New Avengers: Illuminati #1: This mini-series deals with how this secret group of superheroes, composed of Iron Man, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, and Prof. X, influenced some of Marvel’s greatest and most epic stories throughout the years. This issue tackles the Kree-Skrull War. I’m not very familiar with that story but I can still appreciate how this book flows with continuity without having to retcon stuff. They are some of the most respected and brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe, and it’s great to see how they function (or malfunction) as a team. Seeing them together in action for the first time is quite strange, but I’m sure as the series moves on, I’ll get used to it. And this marks the beginning of me being an Iron Man fan. I’m now realizing that he can be cool without the armor on.

I give this 4 out of 5 Skrulls in disguised as Avengers.

she-hulk #14She-Hulk #14: I decided to try this title out because I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about it. It didn’t disappoint. Who knew that you can sympathize with an android with a block for a head? This issue focuses on Awesome Andy, one of the book’s supporting characters. With a block for a head. He learned to copy other superhumans’ powers. He learned how to make decisions for himself. He learned he wanted to be worthy, enough to lift Thor’s hammer. He learned to love. And he learned that even android hearts can be broken. It’s unfortunate that he’ll be off the book for a while since he’ll be “looking for answers”. But I’ll still be sticking to this title for a couple of issues more before I decide to put it on my pull list. I do hope that they get another artist for this because I’m not digging the current one.

I give this 3 out of 5 pieces of chalk.

It’s been an expensive week. But more or less, it’s well worth it. I’m very thankful to my local comic shop for seeking out a copy of Agents of Atlas #5 (and some other stuff) for me. I’ll appreciate it more if they can also get me #3. Hehe.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to one and all!

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