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Getting Loot Crate Via Johnny Air Plus

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I don’t always splurge, but when I do, it’s on useless but awesome things. That’s what I did when I ordered 4 different packages of geek stuff from 3 different sources in Australia and the US. The first 2 packages arrived last week and they were both from Loot Crate.

Loot Crate - Villains Crate and Galactic Crate

If you’re not familiar with Loot Crate, it’s a subscription service where they send you sweet gamer and geek collectibles and other neat things which follow a theme every month. I signed up for the 1 Month plan ($13+ per month plus $6 shipping) to try it out. The theme last month was “Galactic”. Sadly, Guardians of the Galaxy items were not included. The previous month’s crate with the theme “Heroes” had an exclusive Funko Pop! Groot vinyl figure, though. Drat. Anyway, signup was quick and easy. All I had to do after setting up my account was wait for the crate to be shipped which usually happens between the 20th and the 25th of the month.

“But Gino! Or Baddie! Or whatever it is you’re calling yourself these days! Loot Crate DOES NOT ship to the Philippines!” you say. Well, my impudent reader, that is true. They only ship within the US and some countries in Europe. Also, Australia. In order to enjoy the monthly surprise magical geekery in a box if you’re in the Philippines, you would need a forwarding service (is that what they call it?) like Johnny Air Plus.

Loot CrateI’ve always wanted to try out their services but I didn’t have anything to buy in the US to justify the forwarding thing — until now. Their website is kind of confusing if you’re a new customer. You would need to go to their What We Do page to get an idea of how things work. Registering for an account first does not help.

I set up my account first before sending them any info about my packages so they didn’t get to acknowledge that I’m using their services until I emailed them the tracking number for the first package. That’s when they asked me to submit a scanned copy of my ID which I’ve already done when I registered for an account. So it turns out you can skip the whole website registration thing because a Johnny Air representative can take care of that for you. Anyhoo, here are steps to getting Loot Crate via Johnny Air Plus:

  1. Use one of Johnny Air Plus’ US addresses — I suggest the LA one because Loot Crate is based in LA — as your Loot Crate shipping address.
  2. Once you get an email from Loot Crate that says your crate has been shipped, it should include a tracking number. Forward this info to JAP.
  3. JAP will set up your customer profile if you’re a new customer and they’ll keep you updated on the status of your package. You can track the shipment through their website once it’s on its way to the Philippines.
  4. Derp around.
  5. Profit!

Shipping from Loot Crate to Johnny Air’s LA address took a single business day. And from good ol’ Johnny’s LA office to their Aguirre, Makati office took exactly 1 week. This goes for both packages.  So when Loot Crate starts sending out crates, it will only take less than 2 weeks to get to your sweaty tropical hands. Not bad.

Here’s what’s in the Galactic crate: a Star Trek Tribble (Exclusive Looter Edition), an Alien ReAction figure, a Funko Mystery Mini Mal (from Firefly) vinyl figure, a bunch of Firefly bank robbery money, a Star Wars retro arcade magnet, a poster of Han Solo encased in carbonite, a pack of Pop Rocks, and digital codes for Halo: Escalation comics.

Loot Crate - Galactic Crate

These are pretty neat but I’m a bit underwhelmed. It’s not the actual loot, though. I think I’m not just a really big fan of most of these franchises. It’s probably a good idea that I also ordered the Villains crate from July, which was the second package I received through JAP.

Check out what’s in the Villains crate: a Joki (a mash-up of Joker and Loki, duh) shirt, a Rocket Raccoon #1 variant comic exclusive to Looters, Joker and Harley Quinn posters, Deadpool socks, a Darth Vader keychain, a DVD of DC’s Necessary Evil, and a Bowser magnet.

Loot Crate - Villains Crate

The Villains crate is definitely more interesting than the Galactic one. That Joki shirt alone is worth the splurge, yo. Even the box of the Villains crate is a lot more fun.

So, will I continue with my Loot Crate subscription? No. I just canceled my subscription the other day. It’s not that I don’t want to receive a mysterious box of wonderful goodies every month, especially if they’re as good as the Villains crate — it’s just that the shipping cost is a bitch. For each of the 2 Loot Crate boxes I ordered, I paid $18+. So if you do the math, shipping costs about $10 more than the actual boxes. I’d probably order future past crates but I’m staying away from the monthly subscription until shipping costs go down which would probably happen by the year 20NEVER.

As for Johnny Air Plus, my whole experience with them was very pleasant. I would definitely use them again the next time I want to order something cool but ultimately useless.



  1. Wow. I thought that you’d need to wait until JAP filled up a box for you or something. Didn’t know that they would forward it immediately. Definitely something I need to look into now.

    1. Author

      That’s what I heard before too. Not sure if they actually have that option now but from what I gather, they process individual packages as soon as they come in.

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  3. Hi, I am currently planning to buy a crate and have my relatives ship it with their regular packages. But it will take long before the crate touches my palm. So, maybe I will try the Johnny Air. May I know how much did you spend in total?? was it the $18 that you mentioned? or was the $18 only a part of the total cost, maybe shipping only?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply. :3

    1. Author

      Hi Charles! $18+ is the minimum fee for JA. Their rate is $6 per pound with minimum charge is for 2 lbs. plus around $6 for handling. So that’s around $18 or around PHP 800 in total for JA fees. Hope that helps!

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