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Ako nAPO Muna – Not A Review of Kami nAPO Muna

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This is not a “review” of the APO Hiking Society tribute album entitled Kami nAPO Muna. Not a review because I’m not a music expert. This is merely a… umm… uhh… a constructive evaluation from a simple music fan’s point of view? Whatever dude.

Kami nAPO Muna

The album is most probably a way to recreate the success of the tribute album to the Eraserheads, UltraElectroMagneticJam! released last year. It also features several artists who did renditions for the said Eheads tribute album.

Before I dive right into my stupid “evaluation”, I’d just like to say I’m very glad there’s no Cueshe here. Any Cueshe fans out there? Okay. For those 2 people raising their hands, I’m sorry for the comment. But they ruined the Eheads tribute album. Really.

Okay. Now for the evaluation…

Pumapatak Ang Ulan by Parokya ni Edgar – Good start for the album. Gives you the feeling of strumming away on the guitar during a rainy day. Very comforting and easy to listen to.

Yakap sa Dilim by Orange & Lemons – It reminds me of the Eraserheads’ “Kailan” song, but with an APO feel. Two thumbs up for the retro-haired dudes!

Doo Bidoo by Kamikazee – I’m torn with this one. This rendition is good, but it just clashes with the original. It’s probably because of their natural sound. Loud. And I don’t like how they say “doo bidoo bidoo, bidoo bidoo…” but overall, the track is okay.

Awit ng Barkada by Itchyworms – The ‘Worms capture APO quite nicely. One of my favorite APO songs, I think it was done justice. It’s nice to sing this with your barkada during moni sessions.

Nakapagtataka by Sponge Cola – A decent rendition from a band that I practice selective hearing on. It would have been better if a female artist did this one. But it’s an okay version methinks.

Ewan by Imago – Just like their performance in the Eraserheads tribute album, Imago interpreted this APO song quite nicely. They made it their own, added a bit of flair, and turned the song into something else. Love it.

Batang-bata Ka Pa by Sugarfree – A very nice fusion of APO and Sugarfree sounds. Never liked the song really, but Sugarfree made it more interesting. Kudos!

Kumot at Unan by Boldstar – I have to admit, I’ve never heard of this APO song before. And quite frankly, I’ve never heard of Boldstar either. Must watch Myx and MTV more. Anyway, the song is nice to hear, but it bores me.

When I Met You by Barbi Almalbis – What can I say? I never liked her bit in the Eraserheads tribute album, and I’m not changing my mind with this one. I even like Sarah Geronimo’s version of the song more. Sarah freaking Geronimo. Barbi should just stick with performing the songs she wrote.

Now let’s take a break from this not-review and listen to the actual songs:

Cool. Moving on…

Bakit ang Babae by Sandwich – Like the band. Don’t like the song. The end product? An unlikable rendition of an APO song. Well, at least for me.

Kabilugan ng Buwan by Drip – This is the first time I’ve heard the song. And this is the first time I’ve heard of the band Drip. I think I like them. I’ll be placing them on my “LimeWire list”. Hehe. Anyway, they give a lot of soul into the song. It sounds old school. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

Di na Natuto by Sound – Boring band name. Boring rendition of a cool and smooth APO song. It doesn’t live up to the original.

Anna by Top Suzara – Surprisingly, the more I hear the song, the more I like it. It has a catchy chorus. It grows on you. The only all-English song I like on the album.

Blue Jeans by Rocksteddy – I love the original, but I also love this. It captures the anthem feel of the APO original. It’s rockin’. Thumbs up, dudes.

Panalangin by Moonstar88 – Probably my favorite APO song, I’m glad it was done great by Moonstar88. I still like the original better though. This one almost sounds like a lullaby. But surprisingly not boring for me.

Paano by Shamrock – Great lyrics. Great song. Great execution by a band I’m hearing for the first time. The rendition stays true to the spirit of the APO original. Applause.

Pag-ibig by Kitchie Nadal – I was turned off by her Eraserheads tribute album song, but I’ve fallen in love with Kitchie again. She brings her soothing voice and rhythms to this APO song quite nicely. Iniibig na muli kita, binibining Nadal.

Bawa’t Bata by The Dawn – A nice ending for the album, this version of the song acts as a cool bookend together with Parokya’s track. The Dawn can still rock it as hard as the rest of ’em. They managed to bring energy to a whimsical song of APO. Nice.

Overall, Kami nAPO Muna is a solid musical experience. It would have been nice if APO did a collaboration with an artist or two on a couple of songs here. What would be cooler is if APO did a tribute album to the Eraserheads, and vice versa. A 2-disc special edition album. That would be awesome.



  1. hmmm…my favorites would be Yakap sa Dilim, Batang-bata, Ewan at Bawat Bata. Nabwisit ako sa Nakapagtataka ng Sponge Cola!erk sakit sa ulo! Anyway, never ko naman silang nagustuhan. Hehe, tsaka tama ka mabuti di sinali ang Cueshe kundi lalong nakakasakit ng ulo. =p

  2. eh kng c stellar lng din nman mkikinig, malamang malugi un album dahil puro gusto lng nya un ipapatugtog… learn to appreciate different music, man!

  3. @stellar: apir! bagong videoke signature song ko na yung "yakap sa dilim". hehe.

    @toad: kanya-kanya tayo ng hilig, pare ko. appreciation is not learned. it's acquired. kung hindi ko maappreciate ang cueshe, bakit ko pipilitin?

    @clariz: tama ka jan. the more i hear the songs, the more i like them.

  4. oh very nice anti spam plug in here… 2 + 2 = 4 … right?

    anyway- hey! i so love the 'panalangin' cut. SC's nakapagtataka is banking it on Yael's swooning posse (it has the same pull as that 'crazy for you' rendition, don't it?) but nonetheless, it's a very oldish song to pull off – which they did quite nicely..

    oh and as for kamikazee's DUBI doo… that's gonna take a loong while…

  5. love

    "Pag Ibig" *sigh*

    and "Panalangin" *double sigh*

    and "Ewan" *triple sigh*

  6. i agree, barbie's rendition of when i met you sucks!

    *isip* *isip* kelan ko nga ba siya nagustuhan in the first place? hehe.mas lalo ko tuloy ayaw sa kanya!

  7. Drip's and Sound's versions of the songs.. they took it and made it their own.

    I loved it.

  8. most of the negative things i've said here? i'm taking them back. but not all of them. hehe. habang tumatagal kase, all songs are sounding really nice. or i'm starting to not nitpick songs too much because they're APO songs. hehe.

    thanks to everybody who dropped by and read the post! =)


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