Max Headroom


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November 22, 1987. Chicago, Illinois. Viewers of Dan Roan, the sports reporter of WGN-TV News Network at the time, were quietly watching Mr. Roan’s rundown of the day’s football highlights. The TV screen started to twitch. It distorted. And suddenly, a dude with a grinning face mask of Max Headroom greeted the viewers, much like what V from V for Vendetta did. But there was no audio. It lasted for only a few seconds. Approximately two hours later, the same thing happened with the WTTW network while they were broadcasting the Doctor Who episode Horror of Fang Rock. This time, there was audio. Most of the words the masked dude said was unintelligible. Towards the end of the mystifying pirate broadcast, an unknown female spanked him in the ass with a flyswatter. Hardcore. It freaked the hell out of everybody.

The FBI and the FCC did investigations, with no luck. The masked dude remained a mystery dude. His intentions remained unknown. Most people believe he was a college kid who found an ingenious way to hijack two broadcasts of two separate TV networks. But he could have been a disgruntled employee. Or a bored dentist. Or a rhinoplasty expert. Or an emo mime who’s so sick of this cruel and colorful world. For me, he’s a hero. A sick, twisted, creepy, and borderline insane kick ass hero.

It would be great if you can just hack a local TV station and dick around. Mess around with people’s minds. Wake people up from media slavery. Give birth to a new thinking that life is not just for watching. Shove the undeniable truth, that “viewers” are no longer just viewing stuff, up The Man’s ass. Light the fire of a revolution. A mutiny. A rebellion. Show everybody that nobody can dictate what our wants and needs are anymore. We now shape our own dreams.

Kind of reminds you of today’s interwebs, eh? In a way, this dude was ahead of his time. Today, we have our video sharing, social networking, and blogging. He didn’t. But that didn’t stop him, did it? He found a way to punk everybody. But I may be wrong. Probably wrong. He might just have been a dude on crack with a lot of know-how in electronics and shit. Either way, he’s still my hero.



  1. Now that's what I call reality TV! Was someone able to capture this phenomenon on video? Can I search for it in Youtube?


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