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Guardians of the Galaxy #3, Astonishing X-Men #25, Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #4, and Other Face-Rocking Comics

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I’ve been wanting to try out a couple of ongoing series these past few weeks, but looking at my pull list, I think I’ll wait for a few months before I add new titles to it. And with that inconsequential introduction out of the way, it’s time for some reviews!

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 – Continuing the energy and unadulterated awesomeness of the first two issues, this issue is full to the brim with action, suspense, mystery, and fun. I’m getting used to the “debrief log” framing device, and I’m getting used to the idea that this group of characters is an actual team. Sure, most of the awesomeness comes from a talking raccoon with huge ass guns, but the other Guardians contribute to the fun too. Add the mystery of Starhawk and Vance Astrovik, an attack force running on prayer power, and a fascinating cliffhanger to the developing group dynamics, and you have yourself a solid read.

Astonishing X-Men #25 – Deep in my geeky heart, I knew whoever was taking over this title from Joss Whedon will fall short of astonishing me, and I was right. It’s Warren Ellis, one of my favorite writers ever, but still. I was supposed to drop this title after Whedon left, but when I saw the preview pages with a Twitter update from Armor, I knew I should check out what other shenanigans Ellis will pull in this book.

It didn’t blew my mind, but it hooked me nonetheless. I just hope there will be more action next issue because really, I don’t like my mutants too talky.

Also, I love Simone Bianchi’s art, but I pray to the comic gods that Bianchi will realize that the huge ass X’s on the X-Men’s costumes look stupid. Seriously.

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #4 – This was a strange mini-series. But in a good way. Also, if you have read the first two acts of this Iron epic, you’ll notice that this third and final act follows the same odd couple infused with Arthurian legend formula, which is good because it’s awesome.

It feels like it should be included in the Marvel Adventures line, but it’s actually in continuity. Speaking of which, I love how David Michelinie and Bob Layton made sure that this particular adventure will not screw up with Marvel’s continuity, not that it matters nowadays.

The Iron Man/Dr. Doom epic is complete, and it’s now officially one of my favorite comic book stories of all time. And before I get teary eyed, let me just say that the Eye Monster Thingy is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.


Avengers/Invaders #3 – OK, that Young Namor/Old Namor battle wasn’t as awesome as I hoped for. I’m giving this one more chance next issue. If things don’t pick up, I’m out.

Batman #678 – I want to pretend that I understand what’s happening in this book so I’ll sound cool, but I just can’t.

The Invincible Iron Man #3 – Still awesome. Also, I like the possibilities that Pepper Potts’ current situation presents.

Justice Society of America #17 – I’m enjoying the current arc, but I hope there will be some face bashing soon. I also don’t like my superheroes too talky.

Punisher War Journal #21 – This title hasn’t been as exciting as its earlier issues, but things are starting to pick up steam. Also, I’m starting to hate Howard Chaykin’s art.

Secret Invasion #4 – Although it feels like a preview book, it’s still an exciting read. And that last page? It made me giggle the first time I saw it.

Wonder Woman #22 – I’m enjoying Aaron Lopresti’s art in this book tremendously. As for the story, well, it’s not mind-blowingly awesome, but it’s not terrible either.

And that’s a couple of weeks worth of comics in my cheap ass geek life. See you whenever for another round of this dickery, okay? OK!



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  2. I totally understood Batman #678

    Mrant Gorrison is being insane as usual and will somehow explain the crazyness with even more crazyness in the last issue.

  3. lol, my point is that nobody's supposed to figure things out until the last issue in Morrison's books.

    Read the Bat-Family(Nightwing, Batgirl, Birds of Prey etc) instead!

  4. @iamnotfrodo: Haven't read it and honestly, I'm not interested. Heh.

    @RJ: Not really interested with the Bat books. I picked up R.I.P. out of curiosity. Heh.

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