Great Moments in Film History #4: Chanbara Beauty

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Chanbara Beauty Great Moment #1: Aya is an extremely hot chick with a katana and wears only a bikini, a cowboy hat, and a scarf. Reiko is a fairly hot MILF with a double-barreled two-shot shotgun, a sweet black motorcycle, and a nice cleavage. Reiko meets Aya while Aya’s  fighting a group of zombies. Together, they lay the smack down on the shambling pieces of meat, and then they fight each other. Reiko fires her shotgun at Aya several times then Aya catches a bullet WITH HER KATANA.


Chanbara Beauty Great Moment #2:Aya and Reiko, having put aside their differences to fight zombies for pretty much the whole movie, make their last stand against a horde of surprisingly agile zombies inside a small building. It’s a clusterfuck of zombies and two hot chicks. It’s like Wolverine fighting a hundred ninjas but instead of Wolverine, we have Samurai Cowgirl Assassin in a Bikini and MILF Who Doesn’t Run Out of Bullets, and instead of fighting a hundred ninjas, they fight a hundred ninja-y zombies.


Chanbara Beauty Great Moment #3:Aya takes on her sister, Saki, in A FLAMING SWORD FIGHT TO THE DEATH!


Chanbara Beauty, or OneeChanbara the Movie, may not be the best zombie movie out there and it’s definitely no The Machine Girl, but it has its moments. It has its great moments. And come on. It’s a movie about zombies, hot chicks, and REVENGE! Who can resist? I know I can’t.

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