the machine girl

Great Moments in Film History #3

Gino Carteciano Great Moments in Film History, Movies 4 Comments

A Japanese school girl with a machine gun arm (later replaced with a chainsaw arm) makes her last stand against the remaining members of a ninja Yakuza family that killed her brother and her friends. All is going well until the matriarch of the family unleashes her ultimate weapon, the Drill Bra, which she uses to grind the school girl’s ample breasts.

It is rare to see such an awesome combination of brutal, bloody action and thinly veiled lesbian suggestiveness. Clearly, this is a wellspring of greatness. One awesome scene in a tapestry of awesomeness in the form of a movie made of WIN.

*** This great moment in film history is from the blood-drenched movie, The Machine Girl.

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