Great Moments in Film History #2

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Seeking vengeance (which is, really, the best reason ever to do anything) for the death of her mother, a sorta hot high school girl, with a vagina that has teeth that looks like a combination of eel and shark teeth, has sex with her stepbrother who is a total asshole. Her vagina bites off said asshole’s penis and it falls to the floor. The asshole’s dog then eats the bloody male sex organ. Hilarity ensues.

With intense penis-chomping and penis-eating action, this scene earns its spot in film history greatness.

*** This great moment in film history is from the movie with bite, Teeth.

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  1. i wanna watch this with all of my asshole exes!

    and i'll tell them i don't need teeth, i can destroy theirs using my barehands and a hairpin.


  2. One of the strangest and most interesting movies I’ve every seen. The whole religious aspect of abstinence was pulled off with magnificent, tongue-in-cheek style, a bit like Donnie Darko and the whole self-improvement movement. (Uh oh. I just made a rhyme. I must leave . . . )


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