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GetGlue Sticker Rejects

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I currently have 561 stickers in my GetGlue sticker collection. I have to admit, I unlocked most of them without actually watching a certain movie or TV show or getting excited about an artist going on tour. There’s just something about getting free stickers within a few clicks that makes me feel good. What’s more exhilarating is when you unlock the hard-to-get ones. Now imagine my exhilaration when — thanks to my super sleuthing skills — I discovered unreleased GetGlue stickers (just go with it). Behold, 9 GetGlue sticker rejects!

GetGlue Sticker - MultiplicityMultiple Movie Maniac

You checked in to several movies within minutes. You’re either checking in to unlock stickers, flipping through movie channels and checking in to every single movie you pass by — which is kind of weird — or you have clones and each of them are watching different movies at the same time. Take your pick. In any case, share this one proudly. It’s from our friend, Michael Keaton.

GetGlue Sticker - TARDIS


No, you did not check in to a TV show — yet. But your future self has. Your future self also wants you to know that you will be a millionaire soon thanks to the lottery! YAY! Your future self is kidding. 5 years from now, you will still be checking in to TV shows, movies and books via GetGlue because you have nothing better to do. Sorry. Share this one proudly! It’s from THE FUTURE!

GetGlue Sticker - HipsterFucking Hipster

We noticed you only check in to obscure bands and art films. We’re kind of surprised you even use GetGlue. You’d probably hate the fact that you got this sticker because stickers are soooo mainstream. You fucking hipster.


GetGlue Sticker - Gamer

Get Off the Damn Couch

Dude. Seriously. That’s like your 7th game check-in  for the past 24 hours. Let this GetGlue sticker remind you that you’re a fat slob and you’re playing waaay too many games. Unless of course you’re making money out of it. Which is pretty cool. If that’s the case, our bad. Carry on. Say hello to that potato chip stuck somewhere in the 4th level of your stomach flab for us. Share this one proudly, fatty. It’s from our friends in the real world.

GetGlue Sticker - ComicsComic Book Geek

The only books you check into are graphic novels, you are a guru of several obscure comic book character topics and you have started your first discussion about the intricacies of Zatanna’s costume. Congratulations, you’re a comic book geek! Share this one proudly. It’s from your imaginary friend named Captain Stickerhappy.


GetGlue Sticker - GirlsPerv

That’s a lot of check-ins to hot chicks, buddy. Wash your hands. And your keyboard.



GetGlue Sticker - Facebook and TwitterCollective Groan

You publish everything — and we mean EVERYTHING — on your Facebook News Feed and on your Twitter Timeline! Every check-in. Every unlocked sticker. Every review. You publish it all on your social networks. No matter how many people tell you that it’s annoying, you’re still doing it. In the face of the collective groan from your social networking buddies, you still fucking publish everything. Share this… OK don’t. Please?

GetGlue Sticker - AnchovyAnchovy Lover

You checked in to the topic about anchovies. Seriously. Last night, we even saw you checking in to the celery topic. What is wrong with you?


GetGlue StickersSticker Monster

Yo dawg. We heard you like stickers so we put stickers in your sticker which you have unlocked when you checked in to the topic about stickers. OK we’re just fucking with you. You got this sticker because you’re obviously just gaming our system to get free stickers. Share this one proudly. It’s from our middle finger.




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  2. how do you get the show stickers? I'll check into a show, but I don't unlock that show's sticker. How do you do it?


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