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Meet the Funko Pop! People of The Philippines

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In whatever hobby you are engaged in, it’s always nice to surround yourself with people who share your interests. For Funko Pop! collectors in the Philippines, the best community would be Funko Pop Funatics Philippines on Facebook. I know there are a bunch of Philippine Facebook groups dedicated to Pops but so far, FPFP offers the most active and reputable group of people talking about vinyl figures.

The community has two separate groups: the main group and the trading group. One is for geeking out about new Pops, showing off one’s latest haul, and general discussions about the hobby. The other is where you buy, sell, trade, and auction off Funko products.


Funko Pop Funatics Philippines

cover photo of the Funko Pop Funatics Philippines Facebook group

The Main Group: Funko Pop Funatics Philippines

The problem with most of the other Philippine Funko Pop Facebook groups is that there’s hardly any real conversation at all. You get a bunch of retailers sharing posts from their own pages and a bunch of individuals looking for specific Pops and not getting any leads. That’s it. The Funatics group is your best bet if you’re looking for valuable knowledge about collecting Pops.

This group is where all kinds of Funko Pop collectors — both beginner and SUPER HARDCORE — talk about the hobby like actual human beings. Your questions get answers, you get to digitally drool at announcements of new Pops, and photos of your latest haul are appreciated. Hell, even photos of boxes containing Pops are liked and celebrated.

Joining this group will make you love the hobby more if you aren’t hopelessly enamored by it already. That sentence is both an encouragement and a warning.

Funko Trading Philippines


cover photo of the Funko Pop Funatics Philippines Facebook group

The Trading Group: Funko Trading Philippines

This is an extension of the main group where you can buy, sell, trade, and auction off all kinds of Funko items. You’ll mostly see Pops in here but you’ll also find the occasional auction for a Hikari or a Mystery Mini.

The first thing you want in a trading group is safety. You don’t want shady business and you want accountability if issues come up with buyers and sellers. Funko Trading Philippines is exactly that kind of a safe haven.

Aside from a competent team of administrators, the regular members of the group also do an excellent job of being vigilant and self-regulating beacons of justice who police their own ranks. The admins have also recently introduced a feedback thread where members can give positive and negative ratings to other members they have traded with, increasing the chances of members of avoiding shady people.

If you’re not comfortable or interested in trading on Facebook, you can just join this group to see the wild auctions which can get really, really fun. Be warned though — if you don’t want to get kicked out of the group, read the rules and guidelines first before posting anything.


The main Funko Pop Funatics Philippines group currently has more than 2,000 members while the Funko Trading Philippines group has more than 1,600 members. Both groups are closed (only members can view posts), so you would have to join first to engage the amazing community.

If you’re a longtime Pop collector who has traveled the Pop-collecting road alone for far too long and is seeking the warm company of other collectors, or if you’re a beginner who is still clueless about Pops and is looking for helpful Funko Pop enthusiasts to guide them as they go deep into this hobby, join these groups. Trust me, they are your people.

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