Funatics Day Out 6

The Philippines Hosts Funatics Day Out 6

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For the first time in history, Funatics Day Out goes global and one of the first two non-US cities to host the event is Manila, Philippines with the other one being Singapore. The burgeoning community of Funko fans in the Philippines has caught the attention of US Funatics and now we are one of the first non-US cities to be invited to host this event happening on May 3, 2015.

Funatics Day Out is a bi-annual gathering (this being the 6th) of Funko fans where they enjoy each other’s company. While the topic of most conversations will eventually be about Funko products and the hobby of collecting, FDO is more about Funatics having a great time and meeting new friends rather than buying, selling, and trading Funko items — although that’s not out of the equation.

Funatics Day Out 6

Specifics about the Manila gathering are still not set, but I’m sure the Funko Pop Funatics PH group can come up with fun stuff. There’s even talk that if the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight does materialize on May 2nd (May 3rd in the Philippines), we’ll have a screening at the event. That should be fun.

With 2 weekends involving 12 cities around the world (DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Kentucky, Minneapolis, NYC, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Francisco, Singapore, and Manila), this event will be HUGE. If you want to join Funatics Day Out 6 and you’re in the Manila area on May 3rd, all you need to do is join the Funko Pop Funatics Philippines and/or

There will be a small registration fee and you can bring along 2 people. Registration starts in March 2015. More details about the venue and event specifics will be announced in the following weeks. LET’S GO!

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