Friday Night Fights: Tangent Girl Fight!

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So, like, the ultra hot Tangent Flash is watching, like, her first movie’s premiere, right? And like, OMG, she’s with her BFF and super MILFy mom. And then, like, the equally ultra hot Tangent Reverse Flash attacks her out of nowhere! That bitch!

As if lunging at you in front of your mom and your best friend isn’t enough, the bitch rips Flash’s extra fab dress! Like, SKRRIP OMFG!

Naturally, Flash gets pissed and she totally bitches about it in her inner monologue.

And then, like, POW! She totally brings it to Reverse Flash Bitch’s face! F’realz, you guys!

That, my friends, is the last time you’ll hear me trying to talk like a valley girl.

Now let’s see who else is bringing it during Ladies Night!

*** Flashy face-punchy image from DC’s Tangent Comics: Flash #1.

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