Friday Night Fights: Sexy Rumble in the Jungle!

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Watcha gonna do when a fierce dinosaur goes wild on you? And by “goes wild on you”, I mean “tries to make you its brunch”.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. Chances are, you’re in a weird pre-historic jungle being protected by a sexy blonde riding a wicked mammoth. You will often see her riding said mammoth emerging from FIRE!

Once she appears, all you need to do is watch in awe as she battles the foul beast!

And then BAM! Spear to the eye. You can now relax and ogle her sexy jungle boobies.

It’ll be awesome if she uses a chainsaw once in a while, but alas! That would be too silly.

I now turn you over to the Friday Night Fights commissioner for some more violence!

*** Eye-gouging image from Dynamite’s Jungle Girl #2.

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