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Falling in Love with Chvrches by Way of Arctic Monkeys

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I’ve been constantly hearing and reading about Chvrches for the past couple of months but I haven’t really tried listening to them as I’m not really a fan of the whole synthpop thing. I’m currently into southern gothic thanks to all the wonderful mixes on 8tracks, but all it takes is one lovely cover of an Arctic Monkeys song to reel me in.

Chvrches just did a cover of Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys and — like a lot of the most interesting things on the Internet tend to do — found its way into my Twitter timeline. I gave it a listen because it was either that or I explore the WWE tag on Tumblr, and man, was I glad that I skipped The Shield slashfic and the long essays about AJ Lee’s title reign.

The Shield

I like how they beat up other people but I definitely don’t want to see them “beating up” each other.

I love Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know? because of its uncompromising swagger, which is exactly why I’m soaking my ears in southern gothic mixes that are usually inspired by Supernatural, the Apocalypse, The Last of Us, American Horror Story: Coven, and death. Hearing the softer, more upbeat synthy version by Chvrches was a revelation. It is my gateway drug to the band and maybe even into the whole synth-powered genre! Well, maybe not. But still.

Here’s the video that I’ve been playing repeatedly since late last week:

From the gritty, kind of angry original, the song now sounds like a subdued — but still kind of happy — celebration of the uncertainty of one’s romantic situation. Somehow, that speaks to me. And in a way, it doesn’t? I don’t know. Do I wanna know? LOL SRY.

Also, can I just state the obvious? Lauren Mayberry is a mega cutie pie. Just look at that face.

Lauren Mayberry

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