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Last time, I talked about Facebook’s Photos application that lets you upload an unlimited number of photos. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to share photos of you naked in the crapper while puffing smoke, but there’s one Facebook app that let’s you create compelling images by hand: the Graffiti app. The concept is simple and very appealing: Draw on your friends’ profiles! It’s fun.

See? It’s simple, yet it strongly appeals to your inner vandal. It gets more charming after you install the application and you’re presented with a few samples of art done using the app. Here’s a sample by Javier Sedillo:

sample graffiti art

Awesome, right? Wait, it gets awesomer.

the brushWhen you decide to draw your first Graffiti Wall image, you’ll find out that it’s as easy as scrawling your name on a bathroom wall. You only have one tool for drawing, and we shall call this tool “The Brush” (cue thunder, lightning, and a maniacal laugh). You can get different effects from The Brush by modifying it’s settings (color, width, and opacity). That’s it. It may seem boring at first, but you’ll soon realize that having the simple power of The Brush with its simple settings can mean loads of complex fun for you and your friends. Here’s a simple story (containing actual Graffiti Wall drawings) that testifies to the good times you can have using the Graffiti app:

I drew the Hulk on my profile just to get my comic book nerdiness out there.

baddie smash

Matel, nice and awesome girl that she is, drew a sweet version of the savage Hulk.

sweet hulk

Meanwhile, on her profile…

matel’s fruits

When suddenly…

baddie eat fruits

Oh noes! Baddie eats Matel’s fruits! *gasp* But Matel has something up her sleeve.


Egad! WORMS! Baddie throws up and they all live happily ever after.

baddie throws up


There were 2 images Pau posted on my Graffiti Wall that should have been included in the story, but I deleted them because I think they wouldn’t fit into the plot. Plus, I figured I would scare away potential new friends by having drawings of sex organs on my profile. What an ass.

Just imagine all the fun dickery that can happen when you and your friends are bored and have nothing else to do online. You can unleash the artist or vandal (semantics, feh) within!

Upcoming features of the Graffiti app include comments, a public Graffiti Gallery, and a Save button. That’s pretty exciting. Finally, I can hone my pathetic artistic skills! Next stop: Deviantart.

I now leave you with Jewel’s rendition of my iconic “I’m smoking in the crapper so I’d look cool” photo.

yosi photo



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  2. I hate you for not including the drawings I made for you. Friendship over!

  3. Come on, Pau. Wag na tampo. I saved your drawings… in the hard drive of my heart.


    I can't sign up for Facebook, that security image verifier won't load :( I WANT IN ON THE FUN!!!

  5. I didn't sign up for facebook since it just didn't catch my attention. xP

  6. It's just like Friendster with loads of accessories in it. Nothing too fancy. I want my bandwidth back!

  7. @Helga: Your Intarnetz sucks. My Intarnetz rulez!

    @Euri: But how can I pester you with useless Super Pokes and inane Fun Wall posts? =(

    @Steel: You will rue the day you uttered those words, Steel Ventus! But seriously, you just have to explore it more to see what it can really offer you. Including 16-year old boys.

  8. it was so sweet of you to include my drawings.. is it because im a very creative artist? lol! :-)

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