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Before we proceed, let me just inform you that I have not read the Harry Potter books. I’ve only seen the movies. You can boo me all you want but I can’t hear you over the sound of me exploring Pottermore. Deal with it.

Pottermore Email

Actually, it’s 3 clicks away.

I got the magical Pottermore email this morning but I must say I got more excited when I saw the email about Firefox 6.0. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited to check out Pottermore, though. So after I was done with work, I opened the email again and clicked on the link. I signed in and BAM!

Pottermore Main Page

Right below that graphic is an area that reminds you to find your friends who are also on Pottermore. Right under that is the Explore Pottermore button. Naturally, I wanted to see which of my Facebook friends are already in Narnia. But I guess the site really isn’t ready yet for prime time.

Pottermore Facebook Error

No biggie, though. I can explore this thing without the help of Facebook friends who are probably busy Tweeting about the fact that it’s Friday anyway. At this point, I just want to click on anything to begin exploring the site. See? This is what separates me from the true Harry Potter fans. They probably go straight to book chapters and bask in the wonderful glory of Harry Potter’s world instead of dicking around with the site’s other sections such as the Favourites page.

Pottermore Favourites

I imagine this is going to be one of the most popular features of the site. Aside from seeing your progress in the story, other people can also view your favourite characters, creatures, places, objects, potions, spells and chapters. This could spark endless conversations with your friends about your favourite Harry Potter things, enhancing your collective fandom in the process. Also, it’s time to judge and be judged. You know what I’m talking about.

Pottermore Gateway

Clicking the Pottermore logo will bring you to the Gateway. This is where you track your progress in the experience and of course, this is where you begin your journey into the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Pottermore - The Philosopher's Stone

It’s go time!

Pottermore - Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived

I’m going to stop here because I know the last thing you want is a goddamn walkthrough of the whole experience. Basically, you can explore key moments in each chapter by searching and collecting hidden items and pretty much exploring Harry Potter’s world in a way you could never do with just the books or the movies. It should be noted that your experience with Pottermore will be so much better if you’re reading the books while you’re exploring.

Honestly, I was only planning on listening to Harry Potter audiobooks but it looks like I’m going to have a more fulfilling experience if I read the actual books while exploring Pottermore. You just scored 1 future new Harry Potter fan, J.K. Rowling. Well played.



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