Mr. Whispers: You OK, dude?

Advance Review: Ehmm Theory #1 – Midget Clown Zombies!

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Ehmm Theory #1

I rarely stray away from superhero comics, especially from Marvel, and when I do, I always come crawling back to my Avengers, my X-Men, and my other beloved people in colorful costumes. But I’m always up for some comic book fun outside Marvel, so when I was given the chance to have an advance look at Ehmm Theory #1 from Action Lab: Danger Zone, I took it.

Ehmm Theory is a horror/comedy starring Gabriel Ehmm, some poor bastard who doesn’t seem to know what’s going on and honestly, I don’t think he cares. The book has Brockton McKinney on story, Larkin Ford on art, and Jason Strutz on colors. I always take a look at the credits of a book so I’d know who to blame if my reading experience sucks. Fortunately, these dudes got my attention right off the bat. See, on the very first page of the actual story, I got treated with this gem:

Ehmm Theory #1 - Midget Zombie Clown

That’s a midget clown zombie getting its head SPLUK-ed. If you want to get my attention, you show me a midget zombie clown getting its head SPLUK-ed. That’s just the kind of comic book reader I am.

The book starts weird, and it gets weirder — just the way I like it. McKinney gives you stuff that makes you go “What?” but he distracts you with awesome stuff so you won’t have to bother yourself with questions as you go from one weird scene to another. As an easily distracted fellow, I had a fun time reading it — especially because there’s a cute talking cat named Mr. Whispers.

Mr. Whispers: You OK, dude?

On the art and colors side, Ford and Strutz do an excellent job at giving the book a light, cartoonish tone even with some zombie dismemberment. The midget clown zombies kind of look adorable which somehow makes the stuff that happens to them look more awesome.

There’s a bunch of mysteries that barely scratch the surface of what this book is about (actually, I still have no idea what it’s all about), so if you’re one of those nerds who want a substantial amount of story in the first issue, you might find Ehmm Theory #1 a bit lacking. But if you’re like me, a person who wants fun along with a wealth of “What the hell is going on?!” moments, you will find the issue entertaining enough to warrant a look at the next one.

If you’re willing to try out new comic book flavors, give this book a shot. Consider the fact that in this first issue, a dude and his talking cat fight midget clown zombies.

Ehmm Theory #1 - Midget Zombie Clowns

Big thanks to Jeremy Whitley and the Action Lab folks for the advance look at Ehmm Theory #1!



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