Look, up in the sky!

DVD Library #8: Look, Up in the Sky! – The Amazing Story of Superman

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look, up in the sky!

Although I hate Bryan Singer (don’t ask), I love documentaries. Especially if it’s about comics. I thought long and hard about getting this documentary about Superman, and I finally gave in. I mean, come on. It’s Superman.

the storyThe Story: It’s Superman’s story. Simple as that. From his birth from the minds of creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, up to the endless prattling of Singer about Superman Returns, it’s all here. I like how they juxtaposed Superman’s history with several pivotal moments in American history. I would’ve liked it better if there was more focus on the comics and comics creators who worked on Superman, but I enjoyed all the information about the movies, TV shows, radio serials, and musicals nonetheless. I mean really. Who doesn’t want to watch early movie and TV clips of Superman parodies, musicals, strange spin-offs, and all around goofiness?

awesome old clips

They could’ve told the story better if they talked to more people, including Tom Welling and Teri Hatcher, and if they featured more info about the animated series. But yeah, as a documentary of Superman’s 60+ years of history, it passes as exhaustive. Though not as exhaustive as I want it to be.

the eye candyThe Eye Candy: The visuals are fantastic in this super narrative. What attracts me to good documentaries are the visuals that accompany the narrator’s words seamlessly, and this baby delivers in that aspect. Seeing old comic book panels, sketches, and old but awesome TV clips gives me the happies. Superman busting through walls and stuff will always be eye candy as far as I’m concerned.

busting through walls

Also, I just realized that I have a crush on Annette O’Toole. She’s a Superman nerd and she’s hot. Shut up.

annette o’toole

the actorsThe Actors: Since this is a documentary, the only acting present is that of the narrator’s. Well, aside from the acting seen in the featured TV and movie clips (if you can call that acting. ZING!!!). Kevin Spacey does a nice job as narrator. His narration isn’t obtrusive in the story being told. Regarding the interviewees, like I said earlier, a few key Superman personalities are missing. I do find that the first few interviewees are more interesting than the ones in the latter part of the documentary. The two interviewees that really awesomed my face were Gene Simmons and Stan “The Muddafuckin’ Man” Lee.

stan and gene

Gene Simmons talking about Superman and Nietzsche: priceless.

The DVD Extras: No extras here. But towards the end of the documentary, Bryan Singer hogs the limelight and makes the whole thing look like a long introduction to a preview of Superman Returns. So yeah, you can say that this DVD is an unofficial DVD extra of the Superman Returns DVD. Bah.

As a tool to promote interest in Superman Returns and to advertise how awesome Bryan Singer is *rolls eyes*, I have to admit that it’s fantastic. As a documentary of Superman’s 60+ years of history, it’s exhaustive enough to even satisfy hardcore Superman fans. Now I wanna see a series of documentaries about Superman in comics, in TV, and in movies. Make it happen, WB/DC!



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  3. Annette O’Toole is hot back in Superman 3. Also, if you look at the young Annette O’Toole's picture, you'll notice a faint, um, baktong.

    …Notice how I ignore the rest of the article.

  4. What a tool this Ade guy is!

    Also, do you know that Clark Kent's favorite movie is To Kill a Mockingbird. And he enjoys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, football games, and the smell of Kansas in the springtime?

    I just thought for a second I can out-nerd Baddie. 'La lang.

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