DVD Library #5: Beerfest

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I rarely listen to other people’s opinions about movies. Well, I do listen, but I don’t let my judgment be affected by their critiques or praises. If they say the movie’s crap but I have the itch to watch it, I’ll watch it. If they say the movie’s the most awesome thing ever since Jesus turned water into wine, I’d pass on it if I doesn’t interest me. But like I said, there are those rare moments that I do take their advice, like when CJ and Sarah of Magic 89.9 did a DVD review of Beerfest. I always see the DVD in record bars and video stores, but I always pass and go for other movies, or none at all. Once I heard the review on-air, I decided to pick it up (after all, it is at bargain price), and I’m glad that I did.


The Story: Nothing fancy. Two brothers get their asses whipped by Germans in a secret ancient beer games tournament, they return home to train their own beer drinking team, hoping to return the following year and have their revenge and protect their family’s honor, and eventually they did. The interesting and fun parts are the backstories of the main characters and all the asshattery. As long as there’s a nerd who masturbates frogs for a living, a male Indian prostitute dude, and a funny fat guy, I don’t care even if the story’s about an enchanted cardboard. Or something. Bottom line is, the movie is a collection of hilarious gags and witty banter. Also, nice sweaty boobies.

The Eye Candy: The alcoholic in me gets excited every time there’s beer in the scene. The golden juice of joy just gives me butterflies in my alcohol-deprived tummy. The only thing possibly more awesome than beer is the sight of hot topless women. The hottest black chick I’ve ever seen is in this film in all her topless sex scene glory. Beer and boobs. You can’t beat that.

The Actors: The five main characters are played by Broken Lizard, the comedy group behind the awesome film Super Troopers. I’ve fallen in love, in a non-gay way, with their on-screen chemistry and their unique brand of humor. Their performance here makes me want to get their other DVDs real bad. Also, the effeminate members of the German team crack me up, especially the dude who resembles a young Ric Flair.

The DVD Extras: For a 1-disc DVD, this contains a surprising amount of awesome extras. There’s a feature on party fouls, which is all about the dickery that goes on during parties and gatherings that involve lots of beer. There’s also a couple of informative features about the history of beer and the process of masturbating frogs. Good times.

The best thing about this movie is it reminds me of my college years, especially the part where a party is broken up by cops. All the alcohol consumption. All the hangovers. All the drama. All the weird shit going on when everybody’s drunk. The movie reminds me of all these things. It’s a nostalgia machine, I tells ya.

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  2. This seems like the kind of film that you’d watch with some guy friends and a lot of junk food one Saturday afternoon.

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