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DVD Library #4: The Incredibles

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When the first few CG animated films invaded theaters, it felt like the first few times I saw 2D animated movies. Magical and fantastic. I just had to see them on the big screen where it’s bigger than life. But once CG animated films became a-dime-a-dozen, I kind of got tired of seeing every new release. I mean, in its early years, 1 or 2 CG animated films a year made it special. Right now, I’m getting sick of all these talking animals and cheesy pop songs. But there are still a few exceptional CG animated films out there. One of them is The Incredibles.

the incredibles

The Story: I love the juxtaposition of the insanely fantastic and exciting lives of superheroes and the wickedly boring and mundane sub-urban family life. To paraphrase director Brad Bird, it’s an interesting contrast between the fantastic and the mundane. As a comic book geek, I specifically enjoyed the drama that develops around the superheroes’ secret identities. Most CG animated films are geared for the younger audience, but The Incredibles offers something to everyone with a world where superheroes exist, and superheroes who have “real world” problems. I heard this was originally planned to be a 2D animated movie. Frankly, if they went for the original plan, I would have enjoyed it just the same.

The Eye Candy: The whole movie, down to the credits, is eye candy. I love that the character designs were based on caricatures of the personality and attitude of the characters. The facial expressions alone make you forget that you’re just watching pixels organized in an extremely elegant and beautiful way. The background design appeals to me too. Based on 1950’s futurism, it reminds me of The Jetsons and the old Fleischer Superman cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. I just love the whole look of the film.

The Actors: Like I said earlier, you get immersed too much into the story and the wonderful animation that you forget that there are actors behind the personality of each character. I think that if an actor does his voice acting job well, the audience will get lost in the illusion that the voice really belongs to the animated character. And I think in this movie, all actors did their jobs well.

The DVD Extras: I’m a sucker for 2-disc DVDs because I love extras. I especially like extras if they’re as interesting and entertaining as the feature film. I love the idea that most of the making-of extras revolve around Pixar and Brad Bird, and not the actors. It’s fun to watch the seemingly out-of-control Brad Bird discuss how he wanted to include some scenes that didn’t really work because of time and budget constraints. Plus, it’s always fun to see how the Pixar people work their magic in producing totally awesome CG animated films with heart. But the highlight of the extras for me is the animated short “Jack-Jack Attack”. It’s totally funny and fun. I could talk about the other interesting extras, but there’s a lot. So I won’t. Just believe me when I tell you that you’ll really get your money’s worth with the extras alone.

I’ll never get tired of watching this movie and, strangely, the DVD extras too. I hope we’ll see more of this caliber of CG animated films, because really. Isn’t there enough supply of CG animated cute talking animals out there?


  1. "Most CG animated films are geared for the younger audience, but The Incredibles offers something to everyone with a world where superheroes exist, and superheroes who have “real world†problems."

    I agree with this one. Nakakatuwa kasi hindi lang isa yung superhero, pero yung buong pamilya mismo. It's just cute and nasty and all. One of a kind.

  2. [quote comment="728"]Like, I knoes! Pillow fight?[/quote]

    Slumber party! I'll clip your toenails while you braid my hair. While we're watching The Incredibles, and probably Casanova. *giggle*

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