Shaun of the Dead

DVD Library #17: Shaun of the Dead

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It’s Halloween and it’s the last day of Zombie DVD Week! What better way to end this most spooktacular event than with the movie that pushed zombie movies back into the public consciousness? An instant cult classic, I just have to pay my respects to Shaun of the Dead.

The Story: This is a romantic comedy with zombies, not a zombie movie with romance and comedy sprinkled in. I think this is what made the movie special and unforgettable.  Although it’s funny, it’s not actually making fun of the zombie movie genre. I think it’s celebrating it. As usual, I loved how the audience was slowly introduced to the fact that zombies are starting to take over the world and how Shaun, our hero, didn’t really notice all the shit that was happening immediately. Also, the happy ending is refreshing.

The Eye Candy: Not quite as gory as the other two zombie movies I reviewed this week, but again, this movie isn’t really about the zombies. It’s about Shaun and his friends and his mum and his love life. So, you know, not much eye candy here.

The Actors: Fine crop of actors delivering LOL-inducing British deadpan humor. Simon Pegg isn’t your regular Hollywood hunk protagonist, but it makes his role as Shaun, the regular pub-going beer-drinking zombie-shooting crappy boyfriend everyman, much more effective.

The DVD Extras: We have the usual making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, and outtakes. Nothing really stands out, but for a 1-disc DVD, we get our money’s worth.

And that ends Zombie DVD Week! Watch out for ghouls and fools tonight! Happy Halloween!



  1. OMG, you're a cheesey horror movie fan like me!!! oh i so love you now! i love the sci-fi channel, they show a lot of cheesey horror, scifi and fantasy movies.

    issai´s last blog post: I am not getting Wrath of the Lich King!

  2. ooh.. those two lead men… They remind me of earl+randy tandem from mynameisearl. Good one too.

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